Jonathan Taylor Joins BlackTusk Studios from Epic Games.

Jonathan Taylor resumed his duties at Black Tusk studios today,until now he had worked at Epic games as a producer and test lead on the Gears of war games. Rod fergusson sent out a tweet a few hours ago officially welcoming him to the BlackTusk family.

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urwifeminder1540d ago

Nice getting the band back together great news.

gameon19851540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Black Tusk will eventually just become Epic with a different name.

user3672721540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Nothing wrong with that just like 343i has many former employees from Bungie.

Another blockbuster on its way to XB1..the game portfolio keeps on coming.

OpieWinston1540d ago

Black Tusk currently has 150 employees and MOST of them are fresh to Gears. Lots of talented devs there but haven't touched Gears.

I do agree we're going to see more and more Ex gears devs join Black Tusk after what has gone on at Epic.

But I have a feeling Black Tusk is going to be the right blend of New blood and old blood to make Gears an amazing saga.

bloop1540d ago

Gears is the one game I'm waiting for to get an X1. I'm a bit weary of it being done by a different team. We all know how Judgement turned out!! Nice to know there's a few guys that worked on the trilogy at black tusk. I can not wait for this game. I hope they can recreate what made the multi in Gears 3 so good, ad to it, and learn from the mistakes of Judgment.

DarXyde1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

What's the point of Epic not handling the new Gears of War if Black Tusk is getting enough talent from Epic? Seems a bit silly, but at least it seems that the game's in good hands.

OpieWinston1540d ago

Epics helping Black Tusk make Gears the perfect UE4 experience. Like how Gears 1-Judgement was the best looking versions of UE3 at their respected times.

But Epic went through a major acquisition around the time of Judgement, and they're now more focused on small games like Fortnite while making UE4 THE third party engine out there.

Now that MS and Black Tusk have hands on the Gears IP they're able to put more resources and have more people on the project. Rod recently stated in an interview that it's great to be able to have all this help from MS and resources.

Is it silly for Black Tusk to have it? No.

TheWatercooler1540d ago

I don't think I would leave such an established company if I was him. Certainly not for Black Tusk of all places