How Rockstar Plans To Remain King Of Open World Gaming

"About two years ago I came across a GTA fan made film that absolutely blew my mind. I really liked the way it was created from the live action cinema effects mixed with in-game action style camera angles. Since playing GTA V, I began thinking where could Rockstar take their mega open world adventure next?" Dean Howard -

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alvinmiller921541d ago

GTA will always be king in my eyes. I really hope the rumors are true and they bring this new view to the future of the series.

badboyz091540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Driver: Parallel Lines

Play in different time periods. Next GTA!

henrythomas2841541d ago

I can see Rockstar adding this feature to GTA VI.

They were sort of featuring it in the stripper scenes, why not though out the whole game.

FullmetalRoyale1541d ago

What about that word do you take issue with?

CloudRap1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

GTA6 should be in NY but a much more thorough one than 4's include upstate new york mountains, jersey shore, the Hamptons etc. Or just make it in Miami.

Texas is boring, this isn't a Robert Rodriguez Movie

porkChop1541d ago

I'd prefer an entirely new city. I'm sick of the same 3 cities over and over.

CloudRap1541d ago

Like which? Chicago's boring, Vegas is just a dryer LA, and Miami's only been done once. The only other feasible option is the SF bay area but thats still cali, and please don't say London, British gangsters would be really annoying.

C-H-E-F1541d ago

Atlanta, Ga would be nice :D

paul-p19881540d ago

Could even go further afield than them... like London :) I loved the PS1 version of that game, would be nice to return there, or just anywhere outside of America lol

TongkatAli1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

I want Texas and Mexico. It hasn't been done before and it makes sense, working with the Mexican drug trafficking is a no brainer.

gamerfan09091541d ago

Mexico could work very well and the storyline writes itself. I'd like that a lot. If they're going to leave the 3 main cities then they have to go somewhere with a lot of crime and great storylines that could be written. For Mexico with their cartels, Japan with the Yakuza, and Brazil with their poverty street crimes are the ideal places for another GTA. No other state really interests me that much.

porkChop1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Seattle, Detroit, Texas, Dubai, Tokyo, Toronto, etc. There are many cities that could suit a GTA game.

Riderz13371541d ago

I'd like to see a GTA game taking place in London or somewhere in Europe.

styferion1541d ago

I thought Rockstar themselves said they'll never bring GTA outside US? Even if they do it won't be titled GTA if my memories are correct..

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LightDiego1541d ago

Rockstar is amazing, one of the best developers by far, imagine what they will do in GTA 6, a new Red Dead and with new ips like The Agent.

BitbyDeath1541d ago

Yep Rockstar and Naughty Dog are easily the two most talented devs in the gaming industry.

Spinal1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

I'm sorry but Naughty dog are no where near Rockstar.

rockstar has so many different types of games and have proven themselves over the years.

Naughty dog only have Uncharted and The Last of us. Two very similar linear games. Let's see their hand at an open world game.

As it stands now I think the best devs are Rockstar and Blizzard entertainment. World of Warcraft, starcraft, diablo and hearthstone completely different games all excellent.

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