Edge Preview: Siren: New Translation

Edge writes: "An American film crew's visit to the haunted village of the first game finds it anything but abandoned.

The sight-jacking Japanese horror game returns to its roots by retelling the story of what took place during the events of the first PS2 release. This time, it's through the eyes of a new group of eight everyday antiheroes. Instead of the original's Japanese characters, SCE's Japan Studio has made the majority of its cast foreigners, pinning a story around an American film crew visiting a village where ritual sacrifices are rumored to have taken place in the past in a likely attempt to give this Japan-centric franchise a more international audience.

Siren is also focused on taking advantage of some of PS3's technical advances: the graphics, of course, have been hugely improved and the environments in particular are detailed, but it's all very inert: there's little in the way of dynamic elements that react to the player's presence. Much of the game takes place during the night, which allows for the lighting effects to be shown off, but despite your handy flashlight it can sometimes be a little difficult to see where your character is headed – this is not helped by a camera which zooms in and out depending on your proximity to high walls and the like."

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