Is Hype Hurting Gaming? 3 Reasons That Suggest It Is

An article on PlayStation Enthusiast reads: When you hear — or in this case, read — the word “hype,” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Excitement? Joy? Spontaneous speculation? If you thought along any of those lines, you’re on the right track. The word encompasses all of those areas and then some, and now that so many have access to the Internet, the “hype” is generated and shared on a worldwide scale.

We see it in so many areas. Movies, songs, TV shows, gadgets, clothes, and even books have hype surrounding them. The one area that applies to us specifically is certainly our games and game consoles. For example, last year was totally crazy. We had the launch of two new systems, as well as the juggernaut that was GTA: V. Last year was nothing short of “hype.” Now, here we are, coming towards the ending of 2014 and things are still crazy. In fact, things are about to get insane. Starting with Destiny that released only just last week, there are quite a few new releases that will duke it out until December. Games like Destiny have proved something, though; while hype is indeed a very enjoyable thing, it can also be very lethal to both developers and gamers alike. In fact, one could even suggest it as the reason why the gaming industry is as chaotic as it is right now. Let’s go over some reasons why “hype” is a double-edged sword.

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oODEADPOOLOo1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

The guy in pic looks like a white peter chao...

Sorry couldn't resist, it needed to be said.

Eddie201011547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Journalist are, they are the ones that spread the hype. The Developers and Publishers hype the game to the journalist they carry it in whatever direction they want, and then tear the game down when it doesn't meat or exceed the over blown hype they helped to create.

iSuperSaiyanGod1547d ago

It only hurts if you let it . You're going to hate or like the game no matter if it's hyped or not . It can be the best game in the world to some people and terrible to others . You won't know tell you actually play it . I absolutely love Skyrim , some people thinks it's terible . Same thing about borderlands , halo , cod ect

Chrischi19881547d ago

Still, hype is bad. People attack others, mentioning games, like Destiny, to act to be superior, but then, what is Destiny? Just a normal good game, but nothing that will change gaming forever, like many fanboys acted like it will. Give it a name like Destiny, dont show too much, act like it will be the greatest thing and people will go nuts about it.

Hype is good, until a certain amount of it is reached, after that, the expectations are too high. Hype definitely hurts the industry, if it is too much hype. I found, that the so called hardcore gamer, is way too easily hyped, way to easily offended and way too easily attacking others. This has 2 reasons: Many gamers are still children and many gamers think because they can hide behind the internet, that they can be a**holes to everyone else, because they wont get any real consequences for that, many of which wont even open their mouth in the real world, because they are too afraid, use the internet as some kind of anger valve. Sorry, a tiny bit off topic, but it is all in that hype package, if you know what I mean.

urwifeminder1547d ago

Its certainly not hurt any games I am playing really enjoying them.

Chrischi19881547d ago

It doesnt have any effect on the games itself, but if people expect too much, they easily find it not as appealing, as they thought it would.

Just like watching a movie with friends. If you tell them, this is the greatest movie, they easily think, because of too high expectations "no it is not". If you tell them, the movie is ok, I liked it, but dont know if you will, they give it a fair chance and easily think, whatever they really would think about it.

Mr Tretton1547d ago

It's up to individuals to choose how they feel about something being hyped, and to be skeptical. A lot of people love hype, and then find themselves disappointed in the end. Live and learn. I know what I'm looking forward to playing, but I'm not gonna over hype it for myself, I know better.

DougLord1547d ago

No because the N4G community is 0.000001% of the real world. Most people don't know shit about a game till they play it. We sit here are whine about hype and other BS, but we are a TINY % of the gaming population.

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The story is too old to be commented.