NBA 2K15 MyCAREER Details - Opening Scene, Face Scan and More

NBA 2K15 is rolling with a brand new look this year to MyCAREER with an all-new backstory. In NBA 2K15's MyCAREER mode, you will become an undrafted free agent. It starts in January instead of before the NBA season, where you will be signing on with short-term deals trying to make a team in the NBA. Also, you'll have the option to scan your face into the game, so your player will look a lot more like yourself.

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KnightRobby1541d ago

The face tech is truly amazing I will say. I would love to see myself as a cartoon character in a game stylized like Team Fortress :D

gangsta_red1541d ago

Games with customization should always include face scanning. In my opinion this is a feature that truly should be incorporated with the next gen systems.

It gives a game that much more immersion knowing a character looks like you running around shooting or playing hoops.

MrCherry1541d ago

This game is going to kickass, The way its going to make you fight for your spot ummmmm sounds good. The face thing looks good but I like to know how the feel of the game is.

Macdaddy711541d ago

Tell you I only bought a pc n console years ago many years ago, play football n nascar, but after being let down by EA for so many years, I think I'm going to try NBA game to fix my need to play sports....2K is kicking ass with this game..only if EA would steal there book or buy them so we could have a awesome football game like the nba gamers has, lucky gamers,
Boy only if 2k could have the rights to making NFL game OMG just think what it would be like!!!! EA really should be ashamed to even release a sport game after seeing what little ole 2k can do vs EA billion dollars staff.... Maybe EA needs to back up n punt the ball and restart thinking how they make games...
I know this isn't bout EA, but EA needs to read bout NBA 2K... I really think I'm moving to 2k game it's so dang deep in franchise mode it's crazy, EA can't touch it, it would take EA a good 7 to 10 years to get Madden franchise mode on par with 2ks

NBA2KUpdates1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Roger Goodell wanted only one video game license to represent football.

Not only that but the NFL Players Association also has a deal to use all the player names with only one video game.

NFL 2K5 is still the best football game, in my opinion. I still hope some day when the NFL licenses expire, 2K can remake NFL 2K.

I mean, look at NBA 2K, it is amazing and a top of the line sports game. The Face Scan is top-of-the-line. You can even fine-tune the scan at specific spots to get it just right.

If Madden had this feature, people would be praising them to no end lol.

Sayburr1540d ago

The new story should be interesting... Undrafted free agent trying to get short contracts for the first season. You have to play good every game or you don't just sit on the bench, you sit on the couch at home.

I like the idea, lets see how it plays out... I hope better than the Ellis story played out.