Does Watch Dogs need a Bad Blood transfusion to survive?

If you played Watch Dogs you probably know how everything works. How you can hack just about anything. Though, being an interesting concept, the game did not live up to many’s expectations. The game unfortunately did not make a big enough impact as it should have. With an unchanging “boring” protagonist and having less control over what you hack then what was thought, damaged peoples perspective on what the game could have been.

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Sm00thNinja1542d ago

WHAT_DOGS?? Sorry this game lost me a long time ago no need to revisit Chicago

Yi-Long1542d ago

I'm glad the announced DLC put me off from buying this at launch when the hype still had everyone riled up, cause quickly people have come to the conclusion that's it's just an 'okay' game.

Not even interested in this any more even if they do finally come out with a 'complete' release for 30 bucks or something.

BrandanT1542d ago

Survive? I thought the game already died.

LackTrue4K1542d ago

it just rolled in its grave, and the smell is coming out.

josephayal1542d ago

Why is everyone hating on the game? imho still the best open-world sandbox game series of all time

starchild1542d ago

I wouldn't say the best, but it's definitely one of the better open world games I have played. The world felt a lot more dynamic than most, and I loved the stealth and shooting/combat, which were the best I've ever experienced in an open world game.

jay21542d ago

jose im another one who enjoyed it got tjr
e season pass so ill try

oODEADPOOLOo1542d ago

This DLC expansion looks pretty good, could care less for the haters. The co-op alone looks fun as hell.

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