Destiny: 5 Best Methods to Farm Legendary Engrams

8CN: With two weeks of Destiny under our belts, most of us are finding ourselves stuck in the 20s, with the slow grind towards better gear inhibiting our ability to queue up for the tougher content. Luckily, there are faster ways to get a new helmet besides playing 50 PvP matches.

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NewMonday1541d ago

the re-spawn rate is slower at the cave now

neocores1541d ago

No its not. The only way it slows dwn is if u got somone on top of the cave or around it

dumahim1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Or just too close.

There's two sets of busted up concrete. If you're standing by the pair that is closer, you're too close and will only get some of the spawns. Stand back by the next set of concrete and you'll get a lot coming out.

NewMonday1541d ago

I know about the getting close part,did my share of herding players away, but last night everyone was far, no other player in sight and it was slow, it was a good waiting lobby while waiting for friends to gather for a strike.

Pinkdolphinyfg1541d ago

I like now nobody points out the fact how broken this game is with the way people are using exploits such as getting alot of engrams from farming the cave rather than earning them the way the developer intended you to. Everybody was bitching about Gta: Online when people were boosting their money to billions by replaying the same missions over and over again yet when people do the exact same thing with Destiny it bets a free pass and call it "farming" to make it seem like its not a game breaking mechanic when it really is.

Baka-akaB1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

uh ? but it is farming , not a glitch or exploit ... of course you can gang up mobs you know for sure will respawn at a precise point . Some people are doing that to avoid moving around running errands , public events and mission . And i much rather move , it's less boring and more rewarding imo

sevilha821541d ago

This is a shooter with Rpg elements,farming and grinding is what you do in an Rpg for loot,thus this is not an exploit,this is what you do in games like Diablo,Borderlands ,Fallout ,etc...

THIS is the way Bungie intended for it to played,because they intended to create a shooter with Rpg/MMO elements.

Where not hacking ,where not aimboting,and Godmodeing,where playing an Rpg the way it´s supost to be played,so please go back to COD ,please...

dumahim1541d ago

After having farmed many, upon many hours, it really isn't worth the time. Even if you do wind up getting some decent engrams, the Cryptarch will just screw you over.

Don't waste time farming. Play the game and work on getting rep and marks and buy what you want. Vanguard, Crucible, or the other three factions, once you hit level 3 with them, you will always get a legendary item as a reward at each level from 3 and above. By that time, you should have plenty of marks to buy at least two other items (more if you stick to the cheaper items).

Also, do the daily bounties. When you trade them in for more rep, you also have a chance of getting an exotic bounty. Sure there's more steps to them and can take a while, but in the end you get an exotic weapon.

After all of that, you should also have enough strange coins to buy stuff off of Xur on Friday or Saturday. A weapon or one piece of armor per class. He will also give you an Exotic engram for some Motes of Light. Better than buying an icon or class item that does nothing from the speaker.

gamerlive1540d ago

This game is way overhyped for what it is.