A sneak peak at the Metal Gear Solid Database

The PlayStation Blog broke the word a free Metal Gear Solid Database is part of tomorrow's update. Here's a look what the 77MB file contains.

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donator3834d ago

Yet more evidence against the old adage that you cannot learn anything from video games. I now know what a macrophage is. Thank you Snake!

Carletto873834d ago

I've downloaded it from the japanese psn...... it works but it does not unlock MGS4 elements because tell me that I haven't finished it.......... ba............ I have finished it 3 times

addic3834d ago

go to "options" and unlock it manually

Ice2ms3834d ago

Prob Region Coded And Will Only Recognise Japanese Game Completions.

HadeShade3834d ago

Man this will clear some things up. I love Metal Gear... but god damn somethings just confuse the shiznit out of me. I'm not afraid to admit it haha.

BTW: MGS4: Easily the best game of the year, generation and all time.

Dethspyder3834d ago

R U new to the series I don't know how confused I'd be if I didn't follow the series so closely

Close_Second3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

...I was in gaming heaven with I could not give a toss about it. Why? well, I was half way through Act 4 and suddenly the game would not let me out of the item menu (i.e. L2). The controller was fully charged and I could move around the item menu but I could not exit and return to the game. Furthermore, although I could hit the PS button to list the "Quit Game" option I could not actually select 'X' to quite...grrrr. After several minutes of frustration and trying everything to re-enter the game I ended up holding down the power button on the PS3.

Ok, I waited a couple of minutes then turned the PS3 back on. All seemed fine, MGS4 loaded and I went to select my save game file...but now the game saves won't load. Basically, the last week of my efforts of playing MGS4 have been a waste of time.

Do I still think MGS4 is a great game ... yes.
Will I restart...nope. Unlike many gamers I find it hard to restart a game and even though I will never see the end of the game I am likely to sell MGS4 before I will ever play through it again in the hope it does no corrupt on me a second time.

Goodbye MGS4...was great while it lasted.

RenegadeRocks3834d ago

What a fool you are ! I played the whole Act2 again so that I could have the laughing Octopus's Face camo we get if we kill her with a tranquiliser.Really helpful in Act3.
I enjoyed every bit replaying ACT 2 again trying different strategies! :)

snakeater33834d ago

i killed octopus normally and i still got the face come?

Blackmoses3834d ago

I used my M4 and killed her with a shot to the head and I got it. I think you get it no secret there!


RenegadeRocks3834d ago

If you kill her with a tranquiliser gun you get a disguise of her FACE and the full face octacamo.
If u kill her normaly, you just get the full face Octacamo not the face disguise of the babe.
Applies to all babe battles!

Ice2ms3834d ago

Ye The Normal Face Camo (The Mask) You Get After You Defeat Laughing Octopus For The First Time Any Way. You Get The Special Face Camo (L. Beauty) After You Defeat Her With Non-Lethal Weapons. The L. Beauty Face Camo Is Her Face The Blonde Girl Which You Can Wear And Pretend To Be Her. I Don't Know If It Has Any Affects I Dont Wear Face Camo As It Doesn't Let You Wear Stealth.

Hope That Helps.

RenegadeRocks3834d ago

Yes, it does have a role as u can wear it in Act 3 and The soldiers wont bother u as that babe's face is not on their blacklist. Makes following the Resistance guy very easy.

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