Bloodborne's producer clarifies PlayStation Plus alpha test eligibility and talks mascot

Bloodborne's producer clarifies the PlayStation Plus alpha test eligibility details and talks about the mascot for the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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XBLSkull1368d ago

Dang, I signed up but I am neither in Japan nor a PS+ member lol. Don't think I'm getting in.

DarkOcelet1368d ago

Why do you do this to yourself ? Everyone here knows you dont have a PS4 nor are you interested in it , so why come here trolling :/

Ashunderfire861368d ago

Because he has nothing better to do than to just getting off to PS4 success. His X1 is collecting dust and juice stains from his private part while he admires the PS4. Its his wet dream lol!

ainTgoTTime2bleed1368d ago

Because he knows his beloved company don't have (so the RROD 2.0 that might help micro to take a shot maybe, just maybe at 2nd

FullmetalRoyale1368d ago


Great... Now I want some juice.

user65409481368d ago

FromSoftware's mascot should be the "praise the sun" guy from Dark Souls.

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CloudRap1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

I signed up but still haven't gotten anything hope they do a beta later on in case I dont get in.

@XBLSkull sure you own a ps4.....

LightDiego1368d ago

The Mesengers are so cute, lol.

DarkOcelet1368d ago

Yes they are kinda cute lols .

BitbyDeath1368d ago

Looks to be just talking about the Japan alpha and not the EU one I had registered for.