5 Games That Will Genuinely Make You Cry

CCC Says: "I have been playing Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright and Danganronpa 2 lately, and these puzzle/visual novel style games do a lot to try and make you cry when tragedy hits. Unfortunately, they kind of miss the mark most of the time, and it’s usually because you just aren’t attached to the victims. So here are five games that actually did make me cry, and that I think will make you cry as well. Caution, many spoilers ahead as I will be explaining every single tear-jerking scene."

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Sheed1542d ago

Mother 3
"No crying until the end"

Hozi1541d ago

Cried when Tidus kissed Yuna in the pond to Suteki Da ne.....and at the end when Tidus vanished.... :(

SegaGamer1541d ago

None of those moments would make me cry.