Sony happy with PS3 launch

Sony Computer Entertainment's Director of Corporate Communications, Dave Karraker, had plenty of positive comments to make about the launch of the PlayStation 3 in an official comment made earlier today, and also spoke on the future of the PS3 for the coming weeks.

"Sony Computer Entertainment America couldn't be more pleased with the response we have seen from consumers since the launch of PlayStation 3 on Friday [November 17], stated Karraker.

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FordGTGuy4378d ago

what kind of reverse plan of existence to they live on?

God of Gaming4378d ago

Well lets see.. your hardcore fans who would buy a PS3 made of dirt and others who wanted to rip those Hardcore Fans off on EBay are the only ones who have bought one yet. The rest of the millions are buying 360's and wii's.

But keep telling yourself that Sony...

Rooted_Dust4378d ago

Or waiting for the PS3's bugs to get worked out.

PS360PCROCKS4378d ago

Lol! Nike made a PS shoe, that's classic I can see all the fanboy nerds now showin off their spankin new PS shoes, lmao

Sphinx4378d ago

"I can't believe Microsoft sent people to shoot our customers to cause bad publicity."

Boink4378d ago

this just shows how out of touch with gamers they are.

most of the launch consoles are on ebay or being sold for auction privately.

look at the complaints with RFOM, great online play, but there is NOBODY there.

people shot/mugged/hospitalized at launch, one city suing for damages.
and to top off this successful launch: nobody buying games, because other than RFOM, they all pretty much blow, and scored lower than 360 games last year.

yeah, I'd call it a success sony...sigh.

Arkham4378d ago

"look at the complaints with RFOM, great online play, but there is NOBODY there."

That's absolute nonsense. The servers are packed , and there are numerous 40-player games. I've played in them.

Enough FUD.

Boink4378d ago

then I guess all the sites I've read complaining about that are wrong.

did they get that unified friends list through all games yet?

or are u still in the ps2 dark ages?

Arkham4378d ago

Yes, you're probably reading old news about Japanese Resistance servers in the first couple days. Who knows what it's like over there, but in North America it's pretty popular.

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The story is too old to be commented.