MGS4: Guns of the Patriots Secret Weapons Gameplay HD

*Spoilers!* Check out these hidden gems.

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Ben10543829d ago

at the tornados, they look amazing

sonarus3829d ago

Physics on the tornado thing are pretty impressive. The reload animations for this game are fantastic. I think it was the game daily review that said MGS4 had crappy animations and crappy camera. I can't seem to find these issues though

Lord Anubis3829d ago

the reload is really good kind of wish COD4 had that kind of reload.

PoSTedUP3829d ago

the matchlock gun shoots a tornado? fu*k that, that sh*ts wack.

i found the original mk.23 pistol snake was issued to infiltrate shadow mosses in mgs1 : P its my favorite pistol, and then theres my silenced mac .10 : P

pwnsause3829d ago

wait were did you get the SOCOM pistol, in act 4?

Jon86023829d ago

im working on getting the bandana and stealth in one shot and im gonna buy that bad @ss gun when its half off this time around as well. very cool unlockables.

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The story is too old to be commented.