Review: Dead Rising 3 Crafts Zombies Competently But Cannot Combine Fun [EGMR]

Quote: "Dead Rising 3 is not a bad game at all but rather, just something that can entertain you. It's got a lot to keep you busy and will certainly serve its purpose, but don't expect anything that would warrant it being on the 'next-gen' platforms. It's just a decent-enough-but-not-altogeth er-spectacular zombie action open world game with some basic tool-building elements and a non-white protagonist who actually isn't all that bad. And that's about it, really."

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Razputin1484d ago

Cannot combine fun?

Are you serious? This game is all about fun, the retard combination of weapons alone make this one of the better Zombie games out there. Really enjoy this game above a lot of other this season.