Without the iDroid, the player is likely to get lost in MGSV’s vast jungle

In an interview with Dengeki Online, Kojima discussed the difficulties of creating a large open world, and their approach to the AI buddy system.

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NerdStalker1542d ago

This game is gonna kick ass!

Omar911542d ago

This, FF15 and Kingdom hearts 3 is all I need this generation

our_games_are_art1542d ago

Agreed everything afterwards is just gravy to me.
Can easily see myself sinking 200+ hours in each of the aforementioned games

DarkOcelet1542d ago

MGSV , Arkham Knight , Witcher 3 , FFXV , KH3 , Bloodborne , Fallout 4 are all i need this gen .

jackanderson19851542d ago

tough tits if you don't have a smartphone then eh?

unless they're talking about the in-game map, then it's kinda a redundant statement

EdoubleD1542d ago

Yeah, it's the in-game device they're on about.

Gatsu1542d ago

I can't wait to get lost in da jungle with my gang :). I'll spend countless of hours just chilling in there and enjoying the beautiful jungle.

RPG12011542d ago

Tselinoyarsk all over a again, hells yeah!

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