[Polygon] How Lords of the Fallen won over this skeptical Dark Souls fan

Polygon :

"When I played Lords of the Fallen earlier this year in a demo at E3, I was left skeptical. It pulls from the From Software-developed Souls games that I love so much, but from my brief time with the game and a short interview with its creative director I wasn't convinced that it could capture the unexpected magic of that series.

Two weeks ago, I got to sit down for a full hour with a near-complete build of Lords of the Fallen while talking with executive producer Tomasz Gop. After an extended session and discovering a lot more about the game, I've completely turned around on my initial lukewarm feelings.

"The E3 demo is something we could have done better," Gop admitted immediately. By his estimation — and speaking from my own experience as well — difficult action-RPGs like Lords of the Fallen are tough to show in demo form, because they toss players into the middle of a game, often into areas where it's expected that they're fairly familiar with the game's mechanics and strategies already."

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G20WLY1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I really like what I've seen so far of this one. Feels nice and weighty and will be my snack before I feast on Bloodborne!

I hope it's in delicious, blood-spattered 1080p.

EDIT:@Majin, blimey, thanks for the link :^/

gangsta_red1547d ago

"The goal is to make it challenging but accessible, approachable."

I want a game that's challenging and NOT accessible or approachable. I want that feeling to come only through hard work and dedicated play time on the game.

tablecloth1547d ago

Guess this leans more towards Dark Souls 2. Easier then DS 1, but still better then most games.

If you set your expectations lower then you might enjoy this game for what it is.

gangsta_red1547d ago

DS 2 was a good game but compared to 1 it was horrible. I would rather take a game on a DS 1 level than an easier more accessible game any day.

And why should I have to set my expectations low to enjoy something? Isn't that defeating the purpose of enjoyment?

If I applied that statement to life then everything would be mediocrity and there would be no strive to have the best or be better.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1547d ago

All games don't have to be like Dark Souls on NG++++++, (that's where i'm at right now)...this could be a nice change that i'll welcome.

tablecloth1547d ago

It's just a tip.
It's true that is not something fun to do, but if you keep your expectations/challenge high then you will have only a few games every couple of years to enjoy. Nothing wrong with it if you don't mind that.

Like DS 2, in the opening week you could notice the different approach for it compared to DS 1. I don't regret purchasing DS 2 even though DS 1 is superior. But I don't feel disappointed because I knew to expect less and is still better then most games that came out this year.

" If I applied that statement to life then everything would be mediocrity and there would be no strive to have the best or be better."

To be honest most things in life is mediocre imo. The majority has mediocre taste and it's easier to supply for them ( everything "populair" ). Therefore the great things in life come in small supplies. And I don't have the patience to wait for it so I'll take some that exceed that in the meanwhile :p .

mydyingparadiselost1547d ago

Oh, a Polygon article..... No click.
Anyway, if there's one trend I can support it's taking inspiration from the Dark Souls/Demon Souls games. Hopefully this will continue into other genres and we can see a trend in making games difficult but fair.

Baka-akaB1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I'm not interested , and yet I dont even understand the need to mention the souls in every thread about Lords of Fallen .

The souls series are awesome , and some ideas probably seeped into most new action games , alongside stuff from Amalur , but it didnt invent the genre and doesnt need to be used for every wrpg or w themed jrpg out there .

We had that crap comparison with Dragon's Dogma too , and before that everyone was calling Demon's Souls a Skyrim rip off .

ziggurcat1547d ago

but... demon's souls came out long before skyrim... wow. that's like saying the beatles ripped off justin beiber.

Baka-akaB1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Lol yes my bad , should have meant Oblivion or any other ES game

ziggurcat1547d ago

i have no idea how anyone would think DS is an ES rip off...

Baka-akaB1547d ago

and yet in the early day that crap was floating around , even posted on n4g

Killzoner991547d ago

Polygon? GTFO. I don't trust what they say and now have to consider this game is horrible.

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