Big Fat "Duh" of the Day: Capcom Says "Major RE5 Reveal at E3"

Since E3 is a rather important event, or used to be at least, it comes as no surprise to anyone that a game company would save its best reveal for an upcoming game for the lukewarm event.

Therefore, when Capcom announced that there would be a major reveal for Resident Evil 5 at next month's E3, pardon me if I was not too blown away with shock and awe.

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Silogon3834d ago

I think the "REVEAL" means something more than just showing the game in playable form for the 1st time, man. It think it means more like exclusive content for 1 system or an exclusive to one system or maybe even 1 story add on for the PSN and 1 story add on for the xbox 360.

Different content for downloadable space is what I am banking on, myself. Then again, I don't know anything. ha??

ThanatosDMC3834d ago

You only have one bubble... so bubbles for you!

Potty Scotty3834d ago

I would say that they are going to announce a release date.

Expy3834d ago

My thoughts exactly.

deeznuts3834d ago

Wasn't there a nasty rumor that MS offered Capcom money to secure a timed exclusive? has that been debunked? is that the big reveal?

ThanatosDMC3834d ago

What if it is the 360 version is gimped? Like say, 6 enemies compared to i dunno, how many 10s the PS3 could handle...

GiantEnemyCrab3834d ago

Thantos if you've seen Dead Rising on the 360 you will know Capcom has no problems with number of enemies on screen. In the parking garage there musta been 1000's.

I'm wondering if this is the timed exclusive rumor coming true?

Panthers3834d ago

I doubt they would be happy to announce that. That is something you mention in passing, but it will only make some of your dedicated fan base mad. There is no reason for it to make anyone happy unless that person is a fanboy...

The game was already in development for both systems and set for a simultaneous release.

Anyway, I would bet on a release date. If the timed exclusive is also true, then I doubt that would be the major reveal they are getting people excited about.

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jcfilth3834d ago

well, if Capcom considers a time exclusive to 360 a "Major RE5 Reveal at E3" Capcom is stupid. It is definitely something else. I'll go with a release date.

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Old Snake3834d ago

Online details me thinks?

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The story is too old to be commented.