BioShock Infinite: Complete Edition listings point to Nov. release

BioShock Infinite may rise again in a new Complete Edition, going by listings on GameStop and Amazon Canada. Both retailers have the re-packaged edition of Irrational's game for Xbox 360 and PS3, priced $40 (US & CND) and due for release on November 4.

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theshredded1484d ago

thanks,sadly I already played the game thanks to plus but I'll get it soon at a discount

RosweeSon1484d ago

PS4 and I might consider it. Doubtful tho only finished it 6-12 months ago

sobotz1484d ago

I don't see why they can't include the first BioShock or maybe BioShock 2 too. It's not a 30gb+ games

GamingSinceThe80s1483d ago

It came with Bioshock 1 on the PS3 disc.It has to be downloaded off the disc on to your HD and you have to keep the disc in the drive whenever you play it.Still pretty cool move though.

Information Minister1484d ago

They should release a Bioshock complete collection on PS4/XBO, featuring all 3 games + all DLC in 1080p60.

It's surprising that it hasn't been done yet, considering how everyone's "remastering" previous generation games left and right, yet one of the biggest franchises of said generation is apparently undeserving.

NikX1484d ago

that's what I'm waiting for and Mass Effect Trilogy with all DLCs for PS4 and Xbox One.

1484d ago
Revengeance1484d ago

Good thing I didn't buy any DLC for it. Wonder if they'll be a current gen version?