Why are we rooting for Destiny to fail?

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "I’ve been writing about video games for over three years. I’ve been playing them for way longer. And never have I seen so many people wishing for a game to fail as I’ve seen with Destiny."

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4logpc1541d ago

Not really a new thing. Call of Duty has been getting hate for like 5 years now.

Meatyboy1540d ago

Yes but i don't think destiny is as deserving as it that cod. Cod releases the same game each year because it won't make a difference to the public as it will still make a lot of money. Destiny is genuinely ambitious and took a lot of risks. We should be encouraging games like this as they won't come along often and even less so if this is the response they get. They could of played it safe and stuck with halo but they were wanting to reach higher.
The game industry is getting very self destructive and id thought n4g users would support it as they feel passionate about games like me.

venom061540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

nobody is rooting for Destiny to fail. We just want reviewers and review sites to be accountable for their RIDICULOUS amount of overhype they gave this only so-so, mediocre game. Mainly IGN (Activision's main PR/Marketing hype, fanboy site for their FPS) was the main culprit in this. And us as gamers are left holding the over hype bag, asking what the heck happened.

Ethereal1540d ago

^This person (Meatyboy) has a brain. Right there with ya.

mananimal1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )


and for very good reasons. Hate is not bad, its why you hate something. for instance I hate see doesn't make me a bad person.

Theres good logical reasons to hate something.

Dudebro901540d ago

What the hell are you even saying. That made zero sense.

spicelicka1540d ago

lol what? you hate crime because it's bad for society, Destiny is a game meant to be of pleasure to society...

aviator1891541d ago

Who says people want it to fail?
The game simply under-delivered. We can't speak about the flaws of a game so the developers can improve upon them?

Septic1540d ago

Exactly. The game obviously has a lot of shortcomings, some glaring ones for a title as hyped as it has been. The criticism doesn't mean we're wanting it to fail. Its just that it failed on its own in many areas.

Come on. Enough of this now.

NewMonday1540d ago

expect that the people actually giving reasoned criticism are few, drown out buy the drive by "lolz fail" comments.

LightofDarkness1540d ago

Hey NewMonday, where was this reasoning and defensive stance during your one man crusade against Titanfall? Don't even pretend these aren't different situations. If you had these criticisms for Titanfall, you damn well better have them here. And if you don't well I guess that speaks volumes about your mindset.

NewMonday1540d ago


I did actually, repeatedly.

MrPink20131540d ago

It really is sad someone criticizes others while having a history of those same crticisims. Many people seem to be calling him out for his Titanfall episodes and it looks to me it's more to do with Titanfall being related to Micrsooft and Destiny being linked to Sony. Does that sound correct? If so that's really really odd behaviour. These are just games and known review sites have indeed given Destiny average scores. Mainly for repetivive gameplay, grinding, poor social communcation for a MMO, small battles, lack of content and a very bad story.

I don;t think this means they and others want it to fail. It just hasn't met the huge hype and it's a game that will likely get better over time.

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Jdoki1540d ago

The problem is, the most vocal detractors are not highlighting the issues, they are condemning the game entirely.

So, basically the people with zero (or little) time playing the game are the ones who are making the most noise, and are the least qualified to discuss the flaws.

I'm 20+ hours in, and I'll happily discuss the poor storytelling, the repetitive missions, the tweaks needed to the HUD, and other things I'd like to see improved. And equally I'll discuss the great controls, amazing graphics, potential for the future, how awesome playing Co-Op is and why, and so on.

But every discussion ends up falling in to one of two camps - the defenders and the detractors... So the net result is no discussion, just noise.

strangeaeon1540d ago

So you dumped 20+ hours into a game with poor storytelling, repetitive missions, and a crappy HUD? I see the merits you listed as well, but I don't have that kind of time for a sub par experience, no matter how pretty.

Jdoki1540d ago

But it's not a sub-par experience, and nowhere did I imply that.

And your response is exactly the problem. People are taking discussion of flaws (some minor) and making out they are game breaking.

You immediately call the game sub-par, but don't actually engage in the reason people have higher than average expectations for Destiny.

The story behind Destiny is compelling and I like what I saw, but the way it was told (ham fisted cut scenes and Grimoire cards only accessible outside of the game) needs improving. The story isn't the problem, the delivery is. And that can be fixed - but I still enjoyed the single player experience.

The Patrol missions are repetitive. But those missions make up a small (or large if you want) proportion of the game. I sometimes do Patrol Missions to get resources or tackle Bounties - but I have the option of doing Strikes, Daily Heroics / Stories, PvP, Levelling up - the options for what you can do in Destiny are huge. Sometimes I log in for a more casual experience - so will do Patrols - some variety would be welcome, but the lack of it right now does not make Destiny a bad game. Other times I want intense fire fights, so can do Strikes. And in each case I have the option of grouping with friends or not. Few other games offer even close to the variety of things to do.

And the HUD is not crappy - it just needs a tweak to show Consumable cool downs, and allow mapping of using certain Consumables to one of the digital buttons - such as Ammo Packs. Hardly your assumption that the UI is 'crappy'.

So maybe engage in discussion about it rather than jumping to conclusions. I can name just as many, if not more, more faults in CoD, Killzone, Halo or other FPS titles.

kurruptor1540d ago

Reviewers are idiots in my opinion.

For instance, check out these 2 reviews from a single site

Titanfall - scored 85 on Metacritic by these guys

Destiny - scored 45 on metacritic by these guys

Now, what I want you to look at the complaints about Destiny by these guys:
- They call it unfinished.
- Complain about lack of campaign
- Complain about lack of story
- Lack of character customization

There is no argument that Titanfall is worse than Destiny in each of those areas.

So, how the fuck are the scores so dramatically different?

spicelicka1540d ago

It's a stupid system, if destiny was a straight forward shooting game it would receive much better reviews. But because it tried to do something different it got punished. I think people are forgetting its a regular $60 game, most games with the same price have like 40% of the content and no innovation whatsoever, they aim low and get good scores for meeting their low targets.

Shnooze1540d ago

It's got more to do with the fact that you can't really compare them. They both do their own thing, despite both being in the first person perspective. Titanfall did what it wanted to do correctly, and really well, Destiny fell short. That's literally the only thing I can tell you.

kurruptor1540d ago


Who gets to decide "what it wanted to do"?

Even with that said, I still don't agree with you.

Titanfall set to be an extremely limited PVP game. Yes, it accomplished that. So, it deserves a good score? If that game cost $20, then I could see your point.

Shnooze1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )


Well, the game Dev gets to decide what it wants to do. Titanfall set out to be a first person shooter, with some things added to spice it up and make it fun, and it sure as shit did that. That's why I'd rate it high, because for itself it delivered what was promised and did it well.

Destiny isn't something you can compare by score to another game. Think of it this way, you can't go around comparing games' review scores because it is subjective to what each game wanted to accomplish and deliver. Destiny didn't deliver, sadly, and was a fairly significant disappointment for me and many others due to what Bungie had promised and hoped to deliver, which I believe justifies it's score. The gameplay was solid, there wasn't anything wrong with it, but it didn't do what it wanted to do, it wasn't something that I could get invested in emotionally with it's non-existent, or rather, non-ingame story. The art style was gorgeous, and I could've stared at it all day, but I didn't because I need more motivation to play a game than fancy scenery, lol.

I'd be willing to continue discussing over PM, due to N4G's silly bubble system limiting responses.

kurruptor1540d ago

No need to continue discussing, we just have different viewpoints.

I could careless what anyone thought the game was supposed to be. I can only judge it for what we were given and in my opinion it far surpasses any other game released on the PS4 except for maybe the Last of Us. It has more content and a variety of things that most games.

I haven't played a game this much before in the first two weeks. I work from home and I've been playing it on my lunch break, I've never done that before with another game.

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urwifeminder1540d ago

I certainly did not till article 5,000 showed up .

Excalibur1540d ago

It's already sold a bazillion copies, it hasn't failed, get over it.

Torque_CS_Lewith1540d ago

You sound proud of the fact that millions of people have rewarded Activision for getting Bungie to strip the game as bare as possible to sell the rest of it as DLC.
You are proud of the precedent this is setting?
Some people though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Excalibur1540d ago

Not proud of anything just merely stating a fact.
I'm a gamer too, you think I'm happy about getting half a game and paying for DLC to get the rest?

NewMonday1540d ago

this "striped"game is one of the most content heavy FPS games ever, sorry

Torque_CS_Lewith1540d ago

That content certainly didn't go into making a cohesive story or varied mission types. It just feels like one big horde/firefight mode.

kurruptor1540d ago

Like NewMonday said, Destiny has more content than any other FPS ever. Plus, it is still releasing content every week FOR FREE.

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