Is Wii U just for kids?

The Wii U has been on the resurgence thanks to some recent releases, but does the system hold appeal for gamers looking for "grown-up" titles?

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UltimateMaster1547d ago

I just go with sales figures of mature titles.
I really wish that it wasn't the case tough.

But for me, games on Wii U that I'd want to play are Xenoblades Chronicle X, Bayonetta 2 and Devil's Third.
And some of that Zelda too.

XBLSkull1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

No, its just for Nintendo fanboys lol. There is a cult following who just love Mario/Mario Kart/Zelda/Super Smash/Metroid who will always buy Nintendo to play those games. I couldn't care less about them.

I bought a Wii U when it released and it sat unopened for a month before I took it back to the store when I realized I had made a terrible mistake. Then again maybe I was thinking it was going to be a hard to get holiday item that I could flip for a quick dollar. Whichever the case, it went back to the store.

Errefus1547d ago

Mature Titles have nothing to do with it....

KaladinStormblessed1547d ago

Has anyone read what nintendo said about the visitors to the nintendo eShop? It was something like 90% are adults. More adults and actually "mature" gamers own Wii U than XB1 and PS4. Those two cater more to the casuals than the WiiU does.

Big_Game_Hunters1547d ago

That logic gave me cancer. What sells on Wiiu doesn't determine who the can enjoy the system.

Knushwood Butt1547d ago

And what % of those 90% of adults are buying games for their kids?!

ChickeyCantor1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

"I bought a Wii U when it released and it sat unopened for a month"

If you're waiting for those games then how the hell is your answer "yes". Obviously it's not just aiming for kids. So NO, it's not just for kids.

truechainz1547d ago

Well you neglect the fact that there are plenty of M rated games purchased by young players. Though even if that weren't true your logic still wouldn't be sound.

3-4-51547d ago

I just go with sales figures of mature titles. "

The way YOU think, is EXACTLY like " Money Guy", making all these made casual mobile gaming decisions.

frezhblunts1546d ago

XBL sat unopened? WHy would you get a wii U randomly then? I got a WIi U because of games like mario I didn't have nintendo as a kid I had sega and play station. When I first got my ps4 that had nothing to play for me as well but I didn't leave it unopened nor returned it, I set an account up and connected it online

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BullyMangler1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

so was the wii, it too was deemed too kiddy . ha , then MadWorld comes out, and theres nothing more creatively more rated M than MadWorld even KBFD for N64 on sony, micro nor PC machines (:

and again
just 2 wiiU UnReleased exclusives
Devils' 3rd, and Bayonetta 2 more pervertedly HOLY and addicting and more over the top and more bloodborne than all the Gods Of Wars and Gears of wars combined .

Nin(:love and light to you all


Viewer Discretion
. wiiU . .. . . .

. .

.. .

. plus already HARDCORE TW101, & DKTF . ssoo hhoh!

Magicite1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

No, of course it is not just for kids, but I think thats the overall impression casual gamers get.
I for one have never owned any Nintendo platform and dont intend to, but only because they dont appeal to me, not because they seem childish.
I dont see how people who dont like Mario/Zelda and related stuff, might like Nintendo 1st parties.

Alinea1547d ago

theres more than mario and zelda, theres fire emblem, metroid, starfox, you also have 2 third party exclusives that is bayonetta 2 and and devils third, you also have xenoblade chronicles x, and splatoon.

frezhblunts1546d ago

I am pretty sure nintendo did a survey and it said most of the people who buy and play their games are adults. I mean I am 24 and love these fun, colorful games its a great escape from the shooters sometimes. I liked Mario 3d world, Donkey kong tropical freeze ( honestly a challenge), pikmin 3, monster hunter 3, mario kart 8 and I am getting hyrule warriors. I play that and my ps4. You can find them on there with my name.

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Metallox1548d ago

The Wii U is for everyone, because everyone can have a good time with it. I don't understand why some people can't stand Nintendo games because they're "kiddy".

joel_c171547d ago

Is this website full of shite?

OverlordEnel1547d ago

If it was for kids, it wouldn't have Rated M Games for it.

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