No Humans Were Harmed in the Making of Sunset Overdrive’s Live Action Trailer

NewsXbox :

"Some of you may have heard that Insomniac Games and Xbox have been filming a live action trailer to promote the upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive. Over the past several months, the team put together an extensive production crew, drafted an array of storyboards and scripts, and created realistic costumes, props and backdrops to replicate the colorful scenery from the game."

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Axonometri1492d ago

I liked this, but... it dragged on too long. I think it would have been far more effective if it were at a zippier pace throughout.

Dlacy13g1492d ago

Agreed...overall pretty funny but the last 1/3 seemed a bit un-necessary and lacked the humor of the first 2/3.

Software_Lover1492d ago

The Agent was kind of cute......... that explosion at the end was hilarious though.

WeAreLegion1492d ago

1) Loved it.

2) Great cameo by James Stevenson of Insomniac. ;)

3) The ending could use some work. A bit anti-climactic. Needs more of a reaction.

Lucreto1492d ago

Didn't even crack a smile in that video. Below par for insomniac.

OOMagnum1492d ago

That MS marketing at work.

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