$430 Cheap Bastard's Budget Gaming PC That Plays It All

GamersNexus: "This budget gaming PC build takes the DIY approach to building a custom computer for games like Titanfall, priced far below our usual $500 budget target."

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CerealKiller1548d ago

I don't know why they don't include the OS in the price because you need it to play the games.

anticlimax1547d ago

Probably because you can't think of how much it'll cost. For example, through work, I can get windows 8.1 for 15 euros.

PLus there is always the Steam OS route.

DevilOgreFish1547d ago

Ubuntu and Steam OS are free, i still think you should save up for windows.

anticlimax1547d ago

Well if I knew this was going to be another of these 'mine is bigger than yours' comment matches I would have shut my mouth.

(Anyone only interested in consoles, and not in pc gaming of pc hardware, why I are you commenting here?)

AndrewLB1547d ago

Go to any university bookstore and you can get windows 8 for $20. Heck, i've got a copy i'll donate! I also own 3 windows 7 versions. PC gamers tend to have OS licenses to spare.

Volkama1547d ago

Windows 8.1 is typically available for under a tenner, and is a very solid OS for gaming.

When Windows 8 launched MS ran a scheme to let people "upgrade" for £15, with the upgrade being a full license. They allowed even pirated Windows versions to buy in to the full valid license for that price, and so the market has been flooded with dirt cheap legitimate licenses since forever.

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ATi_Elite1547d ago

Because you can get the OS for Free without stealing it which is why its NOT included in the price.

Do you included gas for your car everytime you go buy a game because its needed to play a console game correct.

Also this is a PC so while you are playing TLOU REMASTERED for the 20th time this PC will be doing lots of other non gaming stuff.

I wonder why CONSOLERS always tend to forget that when a price is shown for a Pc because u sure as heck are not burning bluray on a console

fr0sty1547d ago

lots of other non-gaming stuff. like updating drivers because the one you're using has a bug that crashes certain games, or makes other games run like crap. or maybe searching for an Nvidia card, because the AMD card you bought doesn't run the game you like optimally due to a partnership between Nvidia and that developer. or scanning for viruses. or making lots of noise and taking up lots of space.

Oh yeah, and that free OS you thought you could install to bypass having to pay for Windows... well, you just limited the games you can play on that PC to what is available for that OS, which cuts out compatibility with titles available only on Windows.

jukins1547d ago

Yea I know "console peasants" act like they can watch dvds blurays stream movies music sports tv shows anime or browse the web. Hello they can't even looked live stream games through twitch or ustream.


Orbilator1547d ago

What blu rays you burning ? Illegal film downloads? Or data back up? That pc build didn't include a blu ray burner? How much extra for that?

ragnalamb1547d ago

I dont think pc gamers or devs really get us, console gamers. We dont want the trouble of gearin up the killer pc everyone wants, we dont really like searching latest or older drivers to get certain game to work... Tweak our OS to run better some other game... And Last, we dont really have the need of getting the latest graphics card in order to play newer games.

And yes, well be playing the last of us for the nth time... Because you just put the disc in and thats it, wanna play destiny instead??? swap disc.... Enjoy...

We bitch about other consoles, 1080p, 60fps, and that stuff cause we want the Best experience we can possible get from the hardware we got....

Spotie1547d ago

Way to contradict your own attempt at defending the article by talking about a feature the PC build in question wouldn't have been able to do, anyway.

Eddie201011547d ago

One, that PC will not play every game well and surely not at high settings.

Two, if you want to play all PC games you need windows and windows isn't free. Last I looked system builders price was $80.00 and school discount price for download code was around $60.00.

Three you need an optical drive unless your going to buy everything digitally.

$430.00 will not build a complete nor very powerful PC. Most games will not look as good as the console versions do with these specs.

Vegamyster1547d ago


i don't agree with what he said or his attitude but don't do a counter argument that's full of exaggerations, updating drivers is incredibly easy and I'm yet to run into one that screws things up, it's no different then console updates when you turn the system on.

Patrick_pk441547d ago

@fr0sty You are damn embarrassing. You don't even own a computer, or a gaming one, since those excuses you created are complete bs.

"Because the AMD card you bought doesn't run the game you like optimally due to a partnership between Nvidia and that developer."
There aren't partnerships that worsen the optimization for AMD, or NVIDIA. Partnerships usually add a new feature into the game. Stop spouting bs.

"Scanning for viruses."
That barely even happens, unless you're a complete tard who loves to download viruses, because if you no what you're doing, you'll never get one.

"Or making lots of noise".
What the hell are you even talking about? A console makes more noise then a PC. Stop being an idipt.

"And taking up lots of space."
And console don't take up a lot of space?

I'm completely dumbfounded of the stupidity I just read from your comment. This is coming from a long time fan of Playstation, it is quite embarrassing to state an opinion of something you completely don't know about.

uth111546d ago

Of course PCs can do much more than play games, that's why I have 3 PCs in my house!

I just hate playing games on them anymore because of all the issues.

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TheNew11547d ago

You need a mouse and keyboard to lol.

fr0sty1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

and a gamepad, as some of the games can't be played as well with kb/m.

gapecanpie1547d ago

You can buy a mouse and keyboard for $20-40 on ebay.

Bhuahahaha1547d ago

i seen lots of mouse and keyboards for less than 5$ each

Orbilator1547d ago

Cool gaming pc with a rubbish keyboard and mouse awesome

Vegamyster1547d ago



Not top tier but good enough to get the job done.

TheBurger291547d ago

Can get a mouse and keyboard for less than your $50-$60 controller which is overpriced. btw they put so much money and research into that xbox one controller and the bumpers suck really bad.

TheNew11547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )


A console comes with a controller,disc tray, os, case, hdmi cord, microphone, gpu, cpu,power supply, HDD, motherboard, ram, cpu cooler, ssd, and maybe a free game if you get a bundle all in one for $400.

rainslacker1547d ago

Despite being able to find that stuff cheap, isn't it really still part of the price. This is the 2nd article I've seen with a "cheap" gaming PC, and they seem to leave out certain things which are instrumental to being able to actually play games. Things like an OS, mouse, KB, monitor, etc.

Sure, there are workarounds for almost everything to keep stuff at a particular price, but for anyone that actually does play games on a PC, would this be a PC worth paying money for? Wouldn't every single person who plays PC games suggest spending a bit more to get a much better system that will last longer?

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Enemy1547d ago

Yeah, it's funny when you see these submissions since they never include the other stuff you'll need to actually use it.

clouds51547d ago

How much is windows these days? It's been a while since I got my win7 ....

rainslacker1547d ago

OEM or upgrade version will run you about $90-130. Full retail version will run you $200 for professional version.

You can shop around for a version of course, and I would recommend people do so instead of heading down to their local staples.

If one is a student, you can get a upgrade version for about $60, and it's only a registry setting to make it so you don't need a previous version to install it.

Coach_McGuirk1547d ago

because if you're a cheap bastard, as the article headline implies, you'll find a way to not spend a quarter of your budget on the OS.

uth111546d ago

because then they can hide the true price of the system, make it look comparable to consoles. Price also doesn't include keyboard/mouse/optical drive

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Orbilator1547d ago

Ok but os aside you still need most of the other stuff in list, with exception to ssd. point building a gaming pc to play with cheap mouse and keyboard. So now its a 750 dollar pc.

The specs are to tight to so you'll be spending money on upgrades sooner rather than later. I'd like to see this build playing titanfall too.
This is just another pc bash console article.

BitbyDeath1547d ago

Don't go cheap or you will regret it in 3-6 months if not straight away on your first game downgrade.

If you really want to game on PC go all in or not at all.

rainslacker1547d ago

Don't need to go all in, but could go in a bit more than what these articles posit. I personally would be disappointed in this build just for general use...mostly because I would be staring at a "Please insert OS disc" screen on boot, and no way to bypass because I didn't have any way to input anything.:)

In some cases, just spending an extra $20-30 on one or two parts would make these computers much much better. Which is why you usually see these types of articles shoot for the $500 mark.

Rick_Ross_Boss1547d ago

I had to sell my gaming PC, but what alot of people don't seem to understand is the best thing about a PC is that it's something you built yourself, something you customised your way and you can say to someone I built that. Consoles are great too but there a nothing more fun or proud than building your own rig.

Rick_Ross_Boss1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

God damn double post lol

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