PS Plus Free Games for October 2014 Will Go Live on Oct 8, Official Announcement On or Around Oct 1

Sony has revealed details regarding when PlayStation fans can expect to hear announcement about free line-up of games for PlayStation Plus subscribers in October 2014.

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rarity1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

PS+ October 2014

Ps4: demo,Indie,Indie
Ps3:random AAA game,random psn game
PS vita:Indie,something better than both ps4 offerings

EDIT: really? disagrees? come on Guy's it was a joke calm down

Neonridr1515d ago

sadly I agree with you. I am hoping for something stellar for the PS+ for PS4. To be honest though, I have so many other games on the go right now that it probably doesn't even matter what they give us. I will download it but it'll get lost in the shuffle and maybe 2 months from now I will play.. lol

That being said, I still expect the PS4 to get 2 indie titles again for October.

xHeavYx1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

You may be joking, but silly people like Neonridr take it seriously.
People who expect free AAA PS4 games, even though the PS4 hasn't been out for even a year, should stop playing video games and go read a book

spacedelete1515d ago

@xHeavYx your a fool. no one is asking for triple A games. just something that doesn't look like it could run on a cell phone. something like Rayman legends as that game flopped, Thief another flop, a cheap priced game like assassin's creed freedom cry or even a PS3 remaster like Tomb Raider. stop assuming people are asking for games like Destiny or Battlefield4. if anyone is ignorant its you.

xHeavYx1515d ago

You're* a fool, fool

GameNameFame1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

DriveClub is indie?

Coulda fooled me. Looked like AAA game.

rxl2091515d ago

whats funny is back before desperate xbox fanboys needed a reason to discredit sony we called indie games "arcade titles" and they were considered a good thing

RedDevils1515d ago

Tbh I rather have a shit review full game than indies game, which who know I might like it than those called AAA game

Septic1515d ago

You guys do realise that since becoming a mandatory service to play games online, Sony is under far less pressure to deliver 'big' titles under Plus right? It's just common sense. Also, there isn't that big a back catalogue for the PS4 anyway considering it's only been available for just under a year.

Mind you, I wouldn't mind a Rayman game.

frezhblunts1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

It makes me laugh because complain worse about other companies that give less and don't even charge for internet... smh

frezhblunts1514d ago

I agree with both Neon and space delete there are better indie games to put on there then the crappy ones Ive seen besides strider (capcom not indie) and out last

Alsybub1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )


I don't understand your point or why you need to reference Xbox.

Also, the reason people called them 'Arcade' was because of the 'Xbox LIVE Arcade' brand. Which preceeded Sony's offerings by quite some time. Microsoft started the push for smaller devs to produce games for the LIVE service on the OG Xbox in 2004 and they marketed the games as 'Arcade'.

Before then these devs had been known as Indies or Bedroom Coders for a very long time. Sony was involved with that with the Net Yaroze PS1 (, which was a beautiful machine. There was very little support from Sony during the PS2 era, until PS3 and the need to compete with LIVE Arcade. I can never understand why history is completely forgotten. To be honest it's fairly irrelevant anyway, but if people want to keep bringing it up they may as well educate themselves on the time line.

If you can give me a better explanation as to where the name 'Arcade' came from, as far as Indie titles are concerned, I will concede.

MoveTheGlow1514d ago


Whoa! TIL! Very cool post.

Considering the PS4 hasn't been out for too long, and none of the current-gen consoles have that many games, you'd be expected to think the PS4 would have an indie PC port on PS Plus every month for a while until the big guys let their old stuff go. Yes, they actively pursued independent developers, as they did for years, but this time around it was super-important, because whether you're on an Xbox One or a PS4, AAA games aren't growing on a AAA Games Tree. They're more expensive to make, because they take more time from their visual effects/art staff, and hence they take longer also. No wonder we mostly saw "2015" on new games at E3, after all.

I wouldn't get in a bunch about it, guys. Next year will be awesome. Heck, February will be more awesome than this entire year for AAA games.

ShadowWolf7121514d ago


And you just answered your own question.

The point of that is that the Xbox fanboys were all over the "XBL Arcade" and never once derided all the titles that would be published under it. They were "Arcade" titles and so were good.

Then Sony started getting more of them, and suddenly it's a negative and something used to criticize and attack the PS4 for having an abundance of. "Indiestation 4" has become a common insult.

Which is funny as MS actually made an Xbox designed with Arcade titles (read: INDIES) in mind.

zeuanimals1514d ago


So you don't want good games, you want something like Thief? Something that's been universally panned and is at like a 50 on metacritic? Sorry, I'll take a new, fun indie over that garbage.

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ThunderPulse1515d ago

Indie titles are just a cheap alternative SONY keeps shoveling on us when they know we want retail PS4 titles.

Revengeance1515d ago

LOL you gotta love these entitled people. Did you expect to get any retail games for free in less than a year? If so, you're gullible.

DarXyde1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Do you understand that, as long as you have a subscription, you are getting FREE games? Neither of these companies have to do this, you know. Sony also places standards on the titles you get where they aren't going to give you really bad games. In fact, anything on plus has been overall positively received.

Stop being so entitled. You're like the guy who complains about free food at a reception. Be grateful you get anything and it's not awful.

elsuperamigo1515d ago

I cant believe people you guys are getting free games!!_5 years ago you didn't got nothing and some of you were paying for live sony came whit this idea and even microsoft copy it and people like me who have ps3 ps vita,ps4 we been loving ps plus since the beginning

KwietStorm1515d ago

lol why do you think people have to calm down just because they hit disagree? We finally know Driveclub comes out next month, but you didn't put that in there. Who knows, maybe Secret Ponchos will be in there too. Oh yea but that's an indie, so I guess that's bad, right?

lelo2play1515d ago

He did put Driveclub in there.

"Ps4: demo,Indie,Indie"

Driveclub PS+ version is the demo... extended demo, but still a demo.

rarity1515d ago

I never said Indies were bad nor did I say I didn't like Indies. "lol why do you think people have to calm down just because they hit disagree?" because my comment was a joke and they took it seriously like you're doing now.

wsoutlaw871515d ago

so now getting a version of a brand new game is bad just because you want to call it a demo?

Chris121514d ago

You cannot be serious. Marketing a demo as a PS+ version and sticking it behind a paywall still makes it a demo. MS would be crucified for this.

Sony are clearly incapable of doing anything wrong and the fanboys are lapping it up like sheep.

snookiegamer1514d ago


'Sony are clearly incapable of doing anything wrong and the fanboys are lapping it up like sheep'.

Are you actually being serious!?! ...or is the lack of maturity in your comment totally representative of the numbers after your name?

..actually, I know of 12 year olds with more common sense, so I won't insult them like that.

*Most people would be happy to get Driveclub as part of their PS+ membership...and you have the audacity to mention the words 'Microsoft' & 'Paywall' to strengthen your misguided, pathetically weak argument.

Chris121514d ago


Muhahaha, what a laugh. ''Most people would be happy to get Driveclub as part of their PS+’. You're not getting Driveclub you sheep, you're getting a demo. Get it? The one behind a paywall so people like me who don't have PS+ can't play it. But it's all OK because Sony are great regardless.

Roll on the disagrees, that's the nature of PS4 and N4G these days.

TKCMuzzer1514d ago

I was in the beta which I imagine is what PS+ members will get for free. It's way more than a demo, I played it every night for the time I had it, can't remember any demo offering me that kind value.

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KwietStorm1515d ago

Not laughing at a joke that wasn't funny doesn't mean I'm taking it seriously.

JVIV1515d ago

DarXyde is dumb I want good games not these cheap stupid indie games that I can play on my stupid nokia flip phone. DarXyde I bet deep inside you want good games as well but you're one of those people that tell others to share food with the poor and youre really the one pigging out. stop being a TROLL!

poor_cus_of_games1515d ago

You're the troll here. I am also sick of listening to these self entitled, spoilt brats that want nothing but AAA games for free. Yes I also would like them but come on be reasonable.

Future_20151515d ago

I played the demo of forza horizon 2 and played drive club at an event as well but forza horizon 2 is wayyyy better than drive club because its non restricting where you can drive and the car selection is so much better as well and lastly the graphics are really good as well but both games are 30fps which is meh

snookiegamer1514d ago

I agree FH2 is an awesome fun open world racing game....

But, how can Forza Horizon 2 be better than Driveclub, when it is subjective?

It would have been better you typed 'IMO' FH2 is waaaaaay better than Driveclub! Instead of pimping your propaganda..and 30fps isn't 'meh' for a driving/racing game, it's just not as good as 60fps.

Sub 30fps is meh....actually!

TKCMuzzer1514d ago

Believe it or not my friend, many people who are into racing games don't want to be able to drive across fields, they like the challenge of actually keeping the car on the road.
Plus playing a demo at an event can not be compared to playing a demo in front of your own TV, your not time restricted for starters, so have plenty more time to judge.

CuddlyREDRUM1515d ago

Rarity was talking about Driveclub basically being a demo. It has ten cars and one general location.

TKCMuzzer1514d ago

If it's anything like the beta then believe me it's way better than a demo.

HAC5221515d ago

this is true. people who disagree are literally blind. thislll get disliked also

ramiuk11515d ago


on a serious not i dont care this next month,
i have way to many games to play over the next 8 weeks i wont have time probably

SojournUK1514d ago

I saw the funny side...

WickedLester1514d ago

I'd love to see Sony offer Knack and/or Octodad as freebies for PS4.

Also for software update 2.0, I'd love for Sony to surprise us and give us MP3/CD support and custom soundtrack support (just in time for Driveclub).

callahan091514d ago

Really happy that Driveclub "lite" will be available to PS+ members on October 8. That snuck up on me, that's sooner than I thought we'd get it for PS+ members! Not sure why, because that's pretty much when it comes out in stores, so it makes sense, but good on Sony for getting it out to PS+ so close to the game launch.

I like that we still get all other PS+ selections normally as well, and this is in ADDITION to the normal stuff we get each month. Very nice!

chaosx1514d ago

Wont be this month but Its almost been a year Killzone will be free on PS+ when Xbox 1 releases Halo MCC.

Till then Indies all round

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Axonometri1515d ago

Hmm, wonder what caused the push out one week. Hopefully something big that needed finalizing.

the_dark_one1515d ago

well provably to coincide with the release of driveclub on de 8 october

Muzikguy1515d ago

I like that logic you got there, probably because of DC

ScottyHoss1515d ago

If the DC PS+ edition is what they are giving us I'll be a little disappointed. That's unlikely of course.

wsoutlaw871515d ago

@Scotty we already know we are getting the plus version of driveclub and the normal 2 games

xilx1515d ago

It's actually only one day, so it's not too bad (first tuesday of the month is the 7th)

Axonometri1515d ago

Oh you know, I did not see that. Thanks.

GuruStarr781515d ago

September was a great month for Vita, hope we get another good month in October!

porkChop1514d ago

I was actually really surprised. Most months the Vita gets crap from PS+ but September gave us 4 really great games for Vita.

gamerfan09091515d ago

Hopefully this month is better than the last 6 or so months. One of the only reasons I still keep my PS3 is because of PS+ and some backlog of games I haven't played yet. If the rest of the year is as bad as the last couple of months I'll just trade in my PS3 to gamestop and take the 100+ bucks and put that towards a PS4 or a Iphone 6+.

blackblades1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Your statement doesn't make sense. If you have a backlog of games that you haven't played yet, why would you trade your ps3 in. Another note why are you people so depended ps+ anyways. Be satisfied of what your get, they're not going to put older games on it or games under 80 or 70 because of people complaints.

URNightmare1515d ago

XperiaZ3 > GalaxyS5 > iphone6

Spinal1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Loooool iphone 6 plus > all android phones. Sales prove it. Over 10 mil in a weekend. Name an Android phone that's done that.

I'll wait.....

TKCMuzzer1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Well done, your exactly who Apple rely on, give yourself a pat on the back.
Sales do not equal quality. The iphone 6 technically lags behind Android phones from months ago but luckily for Apple, the pen door is open and they are letting you walk right in, sheepdog not required.

DLConspiracy1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )


I know at least one of these console companies would love to release consoles every year based on hype and popularity just like apple.


driveclub ps+ in oct a decent ps+ game

dodgemoose1515d ago

A bit more than decent I'd say.


that what I mean lol why disagree? wtf?