Destiny’s Five Biggest Problems

Entertainment Fuse: Destiny is one of the biggest games to be released this year. Trailers are everywhere for it. Commercials on TV are plentiful. And news from Activision is sales are high. But review scores are low. So what is wrong with Destiny?

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Webbyy1516d ago

This article right here is on point. I agree with everything.
Only problem is why can't I stop playing destiny when I get home from work? O_o


The Game is fun guys

The Meerkat1516d ago

It is fun but it could have been so much better.

The bad guys don't feel bad. If anything I feel like the bad guy for stomping in there and shooting them when they were all just minding their own business.

The bosses are all just bullet sponges.

There is no big bad guy to hate. You feel that there is nobody pulling the strings.

Ultr1516d ago

Yeah it seems they actually built it so that the story unfolds within 10years :P so we have to wait 5 years to even get who's bad and why

tlougotg1516d ago

Man i thought i was the only one lol At first i was like meh so overhyped but last three days i havent been able to put it down even going to bed at 3:00 a.m. smh. It is very fun and just feels bad #ss when you team up with buddies to take on a strike and just cause havok!!!! Also character designs, armor and graphics overall are pleasing and i dont mind looking at the game.

DVAcme1516d ago

The game IS good. It's just that it's merely good when it should be outstanding. And the game's loot system is BADLY broken, with your performance in the game influencing NOTHING on the loot you get. The Cryptarch continuously screws people over when item appraising, and I CRINGED when I watched the Angry Joe review and saw a player being the MVP of a strike and his two fireteam allies getting Legendaries while he merely got crafting materials. That shit is ridiculous.

I'm sure that these issues will no doubt get addressed, but as it stands, the game needs work. It IS fun, and when at its best, it's fast, furious and exhilarating, but when it's at its worst, it makes you want to give up on the game, which could be a death knell for the game's long term plans.

Oh well, at least Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel comes out in a few weeks to scratch my loot itch :p

generalthadeape1516d ago

Yes-- I'll take Borderlands over Destiny any day!

theDivision1516d ago

LET ME TRADE! The game makes it so that you get random class for legendary and exotic armor engrams so why not let me trade? I have exotic armor for the titan and warlock and am a hunter, why am I not allowed to trade them for something of my own class? I have 70+ spinmetal I need helium filament, I know there is a guy with helium filament that could trade me. I am not saying that materials are hard to get, but they could be so much easier and could make destiny more social if trading was allowed. Plus the tower would ACTUALLY become a social hub as opposed to a place where people just drop stuff off.

DVAcme1516d ago

The lack of trading baffles me. Trading is one of the classic MMO socialization/player interaction methods that enriches the game and here it's missing. There should be an auction house, too, and daily challenges that give guaranteed pieces of loot.

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JeffGUNZ1516d ago

The campaign was the same mission over and over again. That I didn't like. I enjoyed killing enemies and whatnot. The endgame is where it's at for me. Waiting for that purple emblem to pop up and the anticpation on the way to the crypatch is awesome. Yet, the loading times are awful. You do a countdown...3.2.1......and your ship hasn't moved.

WeAreLegion1516d ago

It's still an enjoyable game. I like it.

I just wanted so much more out of it. I wanted to roam around the planet on my sparrow and take out randomly spawning enemies, finish both story missions and side missions, and basically just be awesome out there in the vast wasteland of the future. Nope. Here's one location on each planet with spawn points for enemies and little reason to explore. :/

Baka-akaB1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

"The Loot System In Destiny Is Terrible"

No it's not . Sure it could be better or easier , but it's not as if it's impossible and take many days to drop purple or exotic items .

And let's not even pretend you dont get weekly chances to buy legendary and exotic items if you can't drop any .

" You know how in Diablo you are constantly finding loot, most of it is junk sure, but you usually are finding something worth while at least every half hour or so. "

Yeah it's not the loot from Diablo , but no you can find tons of junk constantly .

There are stuff that are insanely annoying in the game , but that's not it . For starters i dont understand how can there be such a tedious groups and clan system , all handled on the website .

Grimoires cool , but why are they only visible on the web or a phone app ? Why isnt the app included within the menus of the game somehow ?

Why are there so few purchasable colors shade as well ?

theDivision1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Agreed! I want the ability to make and manage my clan in game. I don't want to be forced to use my computer. Another issue of mine is that there is not matchmaking for EVERY mission. I like playing with other people, my friends don't always get on in the times I'm on and since there is no local chat I can't simply ask people I have to pause the game and message them or invite them and they have no idea what I'm doing so over 60% of the time they just decline it.

Destiny bragged about being a social game but I feel far more isolated than in other games.

Baka-akaB1516d ago

I'm lucky , i can always have 2 or 3 people from the same level bracket on . And truth be told , examplary chat and matchmaking or not , i wouldnt have bothered if i was going to be the sole destiny player from my community ...

I'm weird that way , i'm only midly open to playing with strangers and discovering them ... i want friends around or else i skip the game .

It's even one of the reasons i skipped the first borderland and left for dead 1 at release

WickedLester1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

My biggest gripe with Destiny is the lack of private PVP matches with friends. I hope Bungie plans to add this in the future.

Also, I get annoyed having all this money with nothing to spend it on. All of the weapons and armor available to purchase at the tower are beneath what I already have. I could buy new ships and sparrows but what for? To have something different to look at I guess. Same with symbols. Bungie should not be selling anything that doesn't have some kind of impact on the game.

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