Nintendo celebrates its 125th birthday today

"Nintendo is celebrating its 125th birthday today having been established way back on September 23, 1889 (just turned 12 AM in Japan a few minutes ago). Congrats to the Big N!

As many of you know, Nintendo wasn’t a video game company in its early years. Nintendo started out as a card company before getting involved with other ventures like taxis, love hotels, a TV network, food, toys, and more."

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Neonridr1543d ago

well Happy Birthday Nintendo!

darthv721543d ago

to celebrate, those who dont have a wii-u should go get one and a copy of mario kart 8.

Racing is fun and a good way to commemorate their longevity.

LOL_WUT1543d ago

Congrats to Nintendo and happy birthday! ;)

marloc_x1543d ago

Ditto! Will track down some Sake tonight :)

Jide1543d ago

Happy Birthday,Nintendo

TedCruzsTaint1543d ago

Here's to 125 more.
Greatnes awaits!

TongkatAli1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

One day ahead of my birthday.

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