Prince of Persia Chronicles Part 2: Enter Ubisoft

In anticipation of the the soon-to-be released next entry, Gamertell is running a 3-part retrospective about the Prince of Persia franchise.

This second part of the series concentrates on the "era of Ubisoft." beginning with the French takeover of the franchise, its leap into 3D and its darker approach to the story.

Part 1 of the series ran earlier in the week and the third part will appear on Gamertell on Friday (June 20, 2008).

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RememberThe3573830d ago

This is Prince of Persia not Metal Gear. We don't need retrospectives on every damn franchise.

Silogon3830d ago


All seem the same to me. It's like they release the same games. They should all merge into one and suck collectively.

Fragking283830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

no but this franchise has a long root in the gaming business so if it gets one well deserved. But your right not every series should get retrospectives.