Polygon:I played the first two hours of Sunset Overdrive and I liked it a lot

This is Sunset Overdrive, a game that has embraced the visual possibilities of new consoles with an almost child-like lack of restraint. Every inch of this rapidly moving world is saturated with glow and hue. It is a madcap celebration of color and of movement.

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guyman1541d ago

This is my most anticipated game for the remainder of the year.

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DatNJDom811541d ago

Well Insomniac Games has a strong history of making very good games. On PS3 all the Resistance games, all the Ratchet and Clank games were very good. They are one of the better studios around.

3-4-51541d ago

Game looks good but I can't trust this site any more for anything...

I'll look elsewhere for a more honest & detailed opinion about this game.

ikkokucrisis1541d ago

Awesome Polygon, your
M$ check is in the mail.

4Sh0w1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Nah, every preview I've seen pretty much loved SSO, same as Forza Horizon 2 so either both games are really that good or what's been shown so far to the press/fans is really awesome and the rest of the full game sucks.

I'd put money on it that the previews are correct, theres no conspiracy, simply just 2 great games (at least 8+ games) which btw since I'm pre-ordering both I literally already put my money where my mouth I wonder if the same folks will find time to dig for conspiracy theories when ps4 exclusives get positive previews.

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urwifeminder1541d ago

I think even if was not getting praise i would still get it, just something about the art style and mayhem has me very keen to play .

NeoGamer2321541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

I like what I have seen so far. I doubt it will score in the 90's, but it looks like a solid new franchise.

That is really nice to see... A (hopefully) solid exclusive, new retail IP... Actually, this and Project Spark are the only new exclusive IPs this year.

poppinslops1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

D4 is a new exclusive.

The first installment just released, but it's episodic in structure... I imagine there will be more available towards the end of 2014.

NeoGamer2321541d ago

@poppinslops and Torque_CS_Lewith...
D4 isn't a retail IP... Downloadable only.

Yes, DriveClub is a new IP.

tinynuggins1541d ago

D4 is still a new IP regardless of whether it is downloadable or retail. Same with Ori and Fantasia.

NeoGamer2321541d ago

There are a lot of new IPs on the downloadable side...

My post specifically signalled out retail games... Because (In my view) new exclusive IPs have been mostly non-existent from retail this gen.

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CervantesPR1541d ago

Polygon will give this game a 10/10 because its fraudlygon and its a xbox exclusive

Septic1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

The award for the most original comment on N4G goes to...

By the way, we have a few previews today and all have praised the game. What's your explanation for tha.....oh can't reply.

dantesparda1541d ago

The media is always overhyping MS exclusives. You got nothing but a bunch of fanboys running the media, so you either get all the MS fanboys hyping their games up while the Sony ones put it down, and vice versa. If you people cant see this, then you are all blind and dumb in my opinion! Insomniac is the kings of blandness, i tried to give them a chance on the PS3, and just could never get over how mediocre they are. Sunset looks way to whacky and goofy for me. The game literally treats itself as a joke.

And Polygon is a well known MS shill, there's no disputing that.

christocolus1541d ago


Evilways comment above is also a close runner up,infact they both deserve the

HighResHero1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

I think most of the anger here is directed towards *that website* and not the game.

4Sh0w1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

The headline starts with "Polygon" so instead of ignoring news written by Polygon the ones well known to be the most biased against anything xbox come here and waste their time to tell us they don't trust Polygon. Yeah so?, as if folks well known to troll X1 news opinions have any creditability on who IS creditable and who IS NOT. Sure some sites have a track record of consistent and clear bias, but I mean just as the Polygon detractors consider them to be bias its also fair to say that their hive-mind attitude is only because they are just overly sensitive and quick to attack any site that doesn't praise everything sony does. As a matter of fact which site IS creditable to those who's comment history, even after several name changes show they just hate Xbox brand???? That said, all sites are biased sometimes, it happens, show me a movie critic, a food critic, any kind of critic who isn't that part even from a professional is HUMAN. Now YES some are more biased than others which is wrong but more often than not *fans on this site who are always screaming every damm site is bias are just too sensitive to criticism of their favorite brand. Conspiracy solved.

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DanzoSAMA1541d ago

so why polygon give D4 7/10 ?

trenso11541d ago

you act as if 7/10 is a bad score

Septic1541d ago


I thought it was a bad score when TLOU got it?

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1541d ago

lol forreal... the Xbox fanboys journalist from every site are butt hurt Bungie chose Sony to work with...

Polygon has a article out called Destiny Mediocre game i cant stop playing it... obvi for review reason they gave the game a bad score but they still love the game and its fun thats why they cant stop playing it.. lol what a disgrace.. i for one wouldnt be playing a Mediocre game...

Hercules1891541d ago

So what would you say if Sony fans or journalists dislike Destiny. There are a lot of games that I have played that have been rated 6 or 7 that i have enjoyed a heck of a lot(I still have very good memories of playing that matrix game that was kinda a ripoff of Max Payne). They gave it a bad score for valid reasons, but they said that its also a very fun and addicting game for obvious reasons. For games like destiny people should look at the content of reviews and not just lol this game got a 7 therefore its a complete failure.

TedCruzsTaint1541d ago

Hey look!

It's fecal matter in the form of a comment!

HighResHero1541d ago

Though I agree Cervantes, the game will likely be decent but this isn't really about the game.

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