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GameOnDaily's resident Falafel King, Seif, reviews the Wii U's newest release. Can the marriage of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors yield a good game? Find out inside!

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Septic1548d ago

I figured the game would turn out the way it has judging from when they first showed it. It just seems like it will appear for a very small niche of die-hard Zelda/Dynasty Warriors fans.

Concertoine1548d ago

I dont want to judge it before i get it. Most of the scores have been pretty good.

I think the warriors games are starting to slow in popularity. Even relative to the install base the game has not done well in japan. It might be just over 100k.

NewMonday1547d ago

it's under Destiny in Metacritic average and you said that was "mediocre" so you will not like Hyrule Warriors

Gamerbeyond1548d ago

dont feel bad, dynasty warrior games get 6/10's also.

Sheed1548d ago

it's a dynasty warriors game but, it exceeded my expectations of the run of the mill dynasty warriors game.