TVB: VGChartz vs. NPD, the argument to end them all

TVB writes: "It's debated very heavily and passionately amongst fanboys, bloggers, and forum jockey's everywhere, is the data found on VGChartz up to par with NPD reported numbers?

Robert Passarella, an 18 year Wall Street veteran has weighed in with his professional assessment on the issue and he paints in contrasts - the main difference between the two organizations is that VGChartz is a user-based community, offering their data for free, while NPD is a market research company that charges deniro for access to their numbers.

We all know that NPD is the industry standard, but Robert sums up the points for why VGChartz is in fact a reliable site to references based on these key reasons:

-The data is weekly as opposed to monthly - time is a big advantage. (I saw Sony's changing future thanks to VGChartz much quicker than if I'd waited for the monthly NPD numbers)
-It is the only place to get as close as possible to worldwide figures on console and game sales.
-The best part of using or working with VGChartz data is that they give you their biases upfront along with a comparison of their numbers against NPD and key analysts like Michael Pachter.
-There is a community that has arisen around the numbers; one that is willing to have an open exchange about the shortcomings, and methodologies in VGChartz's multiple forums. You really don't get that with NPD.

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Silogon3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

But it's not accurate. VG charts is off by thousands and even hundred thousands sometimes. They rarely chart games to the T. For instance Warhawk has over 700,000 members and yet they have it sold at 300 + thousand on their site

See a little strange? Yes, me to.

Moving on. Tecmo said it had sold through 600,000 Ninja Gaiden sigmas back in November, VG charts ahs it at 300,000 still.

Who do you trust. Tecmo, the company who brought the game to us or Vgcharts, the site that lies to us daily?

Make your own mind up on where you get your facts but make sure you can claim a good argument if you pick Vgcharts. All I have to say. I get my numbers from Simexchange and The Tvg.

Edit to below:

But that was last year. Do you honestly think ninja Gaiden sigma hasn't sold 1 copy, let alone thousands, since then? Please, man. C'mon. you know something isn't right.

Cyrus3653829d ago

Not to say VGChartz is right, but you realize that Tecmo saying it sold 600 K or whatever isn't actual sales to consumer, but sold to retail channel.

GiantEnemyCrab3829d ago

I've seen the VGChartz numbers be wrong enough times for me to totally dismiss them now.

morganfell3829d ago

Yes but NPD charges deniro. Not many companies could afford an Oscar winning actor like Robert Deniro. That must cost a lot of dinero.

RememberThe3573829d ago

Yeah they can be way off at times. But the guy has a point, they're a good place to at least get a feel of what going on in terms of sales.

TOSgamer3829d ago

NPD numbers are an estimate just like VGchartz.

Superfragilistic3829d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth.

NPD and VGChartz are neither right they are simply estimates.


mikeslemonade3829d ago

Yes they are a reliable source i've been saying this for a long time. The only one that is completely out of the "ball park range" is nextgenwars where the # of units increase every few seconds.

plenty a tool3829d ago

fvcking quality reply that truly made me lol

as the crab at the top said...they are wrong so often, they should be removed from this site.

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DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3829d ago

have they ever underestimated x box#'s like they do the ps3? I stopped even looking at their site long ago so maybe they're better now?

Chris Hansen3829d ago

Is vgchartz even an actual company?
Do they even have an office or simply run by two dudes in a college dorm?
Would you seriously trust data coming from a company that spells charts with a 'z'?
Why does the site have like 10 ads on every page?

BulletToothtony3829d ago

Now that ps3 is getting ahead VG Charts Articles popping up..

Stuff like VG Charts are garbage we're sure ps3 have only sold 8 million world wide..

Even sony is lying, it's a conspiracy.. A conspiracy i tell you... lol

Lot of nonsense gonna be popping out in the next few weeks.. that's for sure..

RememberThe3573829d ago

And I'll Keep my eyes pealed or this type of news.

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