Feature: Missing in Action - PlayStation's Noteworthy TGS 2014 Absentees

Push Square: "In many ways, this year’s Tokyo Game Show was a haven for long overdue titles. Final Fantasy XV is perhaps the biggest one, securing a new trailer, lengthy gameplay demonstration, and the promise of a demo in the not too distant future. However, other protracted productions such as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Deep Down put in appearances, serving as much needed reminders that they’re still very much on the way. Unfortunately, the same wasn’t true for a handful of other releases – which we’ve included below."

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Jdoki1543d ago

That's a really poor article...

One game we knew was not going to be shown (Last Guardian)

One game that is only just announced, so hard MIA (Hot Shots Golf)

And Gravity Rush 2... Probably the only legit game for inclusion on the list.

Did the author have an article quota to fill for the week or something?