Destiny- Disappointment or victim of it's own hype?

Destiny was one of this years most anticipated releases, but does it live up to the hype?

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RyujiDanma1542d ago

it was unfortunately both, but wasn't their fault. Just blame n4g users for hyping this up more than a GTA release

ZombieKiller1542d ago

"Victim" of it's own hype. I'm sure Activision doesn't even know the meaning of the term victim behind that big ass wall of cash the game made.

It was fun but really repetitive in my eyes.

venom061542d ago

Blame Activision's business partner in the media, IGN for the over-the-top-hype.. (see Activision purchase of IGN ProLeague. Conflict of interest much??)

JeffGUNZ1542d ago

I feel like some people thought this game would end world hunger and cure disease. I don't get how people let themselves get so hyped for a game. I know being excited is normal, but don't overhype things to unattainable ends and you'll end up happy. I knew exactly what I was getting with the beta and was very happy. If you didn't like the beta, then this game isn't for you.

Eddie201011542d ago

I've been saying this for days. I like you bought the game based on the beta, I was skeptical before the beta but it was so much fun. The pre-orders doubled after the beta, these were pretty much informed decisions. I don't get it at all.

bigboss19901542d ago

I've got to level 7 on this and gave up interest..... The real games come out next year

cr33ping_death1542d ago

are games coming out this year not real games?

Baka-akaB1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Meh to both points . I was never shown an actual gameplay sequence with endless open world experience with mass effect level storyline and plotting . So why on earth would i believe that , when i can't even put my trust in any reviewer out there ?

So i was just excited about what was actually shown and playable , and for the most part i was satisfied .

Do i have issues with some design choices and parts of the game ? Was i still dissapointed by the far less than expected cinematic experience and nature of the "prologue campaign" ? Yeah , but i'm still very happy with it and looking forward to the future content and improvements

HeWhoWalks1542d ago

Shame this can't be the real gospel of these discussions/situations/scenari os. Instead, reviewers (and gamers) would rather focus on the folks that hyped it up, rather than the sum of the game's ACTUAL parts. I don't ever remember Destiny being hyped to unrealistic levels, especially not after the sobering beta (which I and many others enjoyed).

I just don't get this "victim" talk, but that's how today's environment in the gaming world works.

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