PlayStation Plus multiplayer open weekend kicks off this Friday

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Not a PS Plus member? Try out online play at no additional cost this weekend

Hi everyone! Want to experience the thrill of action packed PS4 online multiplayer but haven’t signed up to PlayStation Plus yet? Well, with more players than ever now playing online through their PS4 with PlayStation Plus we thought it was the perfect opportunity to share it with everyone.

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spacedelete1541d ago

i'd rather have free online that paid multiplayer with terrible indie games that add insult to the fact we have to pay.

DesertFox791541d ago

I agree ! Indie games sucks on PS4 ! PS4 was made for AAA games and still we only got one real AAA game (DEMO) ! Metal Gear Solid ;)

xHeavYx1541d ago

Stop the silliness. If you expect free AAA games for a gaming system that hasn't even been out for a year, there is something wrong with you

ScottyHoss1541d ago

He's just a troll, hates anything to do with Sony. Next time he comments the only two keys he should press are space, and delete.

swishersweets200311541d ago

I rather have free multiplayer too considering the service, exactly the same as the ps3. Were not getting anything that warrants having to pay for it. Considering our poorstation 3 counterpart is just a option to have it. Out of all the indie games i only liked 2. Oh well I'll be going PC soon so i'll have a real next gen experience.

spacedelete1541d ago

at least i'm not the only one. i'm a troll for wanting free online over bottom of the barrel shovelware. i don't hate Sony in fact i buy their consoles because the competition is even worse. very original comment ScottyHoss how long did it take to think of the spacedelete joke ? your a fool.

Aghashie1541d ago

I disagree.

Dead Space
Metro Last Light
Don't Starve
Dead Nation
Uncharted Vita

This is just to name a few games I've downloaded from PS Plus service. I've been a member for 2 years now. The value of all mentioned games combined easily pays sor service plus some savings.

I was actually pissed when they force multiplayer into a paid service. But for my comfort, they have been giving away great games I've wanted to play. So, I am happy after all.

XtraTrstrL1541d ago

To be fair, I'm pretty sure spacedelete is talking solely about PS4 with PS+ being required only on that platform to play online. So, in that case, only Dead Nation and Don't Starve would be valid.

swishersweets200311541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Those are ps3 ps plus perks, not Ps4 perks. Were forced to pay for it to play multiplayer. Ps3 is not. Please tell me again besides don't starve and dead nation on why we need to pay for plus to play multiplayer on ps4.

If someone can give me 3 valid reason why ps4 needs to pay for plus to play multiplayer, i'll gladly bubble up you all day.

Aghashie1541d ago

@ xtra and swish

That's a point of view that escapes me, since I own multiple gaming systems and benefits PS Plus on many of them.

If u only own a PS4, then that's another story... Got it.

Patrick_pk441541d ago

He is solely talking about the PS4. PS+ is worth it if you have a PS3 and a Vita, but not so much on the PS4, but can you really complain? It's a god damn new console, it won't be crapping out AAA games right away for free, and don't forget Xdrones that you were paying for online services without receiving any benefit, until a few months ago when Microsoft decided to copy Sony's PS+ which is even worse.

MrPink20131541d ago

The PS4 added better social features and things like the share button. Sony is also using that money to further enhance its infrastructure online. Another cool feature is the share play.

Give it time, Plus will start giving away free content to PS4 owners on big titles. Drive Club is one of them. Not the full game but definitely more than what we would consider a demo.

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XtraTrstrL1541d ago

On PS3 this is called "any regular day".

Eonjay1541d ago

Its a clever promotion to draw folks in. Especially during the release Window of major multiplayer game.

aerisbueller1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Yeah this really is bullsh1t. I was so disappointed and annoyed with PS fanboys when this all went down. Tried in vain to start a hashtag campaign to show that we as gamers didn't want this, since this was on the heels of the #PS4NODRM thing.

And of course flip-floppin' fanboys who had been dissing 360 fanboys for yeeeeeeeeeeeeears right alongside me just completely attacked me with stupid crap like:

"You're so unappreciative. Sony deserves this much. Look how much bad stuff they could have done to us, and they didn't."

"I don't mind paying. I already pay for PSPlus, and it's a fantastic deal"

And various other idiotic arguments. Though I appreciate it as a customer, you don't get a reward for not doing something bad to me.

And if it's a fantastic deal, then don't force players to pay for it by locking online play behind it.

The problem with PS3 online component wasn't that it didn't cost enough. The problem was the poorly designed operating system that didn't have enough room for expansion. I still have hopes Sony pulls an awesome Sony-like move and reverses this crap.

And to all you naysayers, Valve has had a superior online service on PC for a very very long time now that is only now being caught up to by either console, and it's always been free. Better deals on games with prices that decrease over time, flash sales that eclipse the PSPlus sales, super reliable online play, matchmaking, cloud saving, infinite installs on any computer you log into, offline mode, in home streaming, etc, etc, etc, and not a hint of being charged for it. Online play and all online features should be free, period. The fact you fanboys take it lying down and defending this crappy practice is pathetic.

WeAreLegion1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

I love Steam, but you can't compare them. Steam, while the best service around, isn't running servers for most of its games. The developers are. Valve runs deals like that because publishers allow them to.

Yes, I'm prepared for the disagrees and the yelling. I just want people to be informed.

aerisbueller1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

I'd like to see some sources for all these games that Sony is directly running servers for if you have them (seriously, not sarcasm), because for every game I can find that information for, each developer seems to be running it's own servers - which also explains why all those Lizard Squad 'hacks' are game specific, unless someone shuts down the matchmaking service itself. I can't find a single non-Sony game that has Sony hosting games for them.

As far as the sales. Some of those same publishers that allow those sales are on PSN. I doubt Sony lacks the clout to do the same thing. In any case, I don't fault them for not matching Valve's sales. My main beef is locking online gameplay behind a paywall. I used Valve as an example of an excellent service that doesn't do this. I wouldn't even mind if things like Cloud Saves, and Sharing Features were behind PS-Plus.

Online Play has been free up to now on countless platforms, and that shouldn't change.

WeAreLegion1541d ago

Sony and Microsoft can't just make them do it. Physical sales of PC games are all but dead. Having sales on digital versions for PC brings awareness to the product and future sales. If consoles were mostly digital, we'd see the same thing.

Why do you think the whole PSN is down when Destiny is down? They target Destiny, but it affects the whole service.

FunAndGun1541d ago

The time for gamers to stand up and say "NO" to paying for online play was when xbox first started doing it.

I was against it and didn't support it, but too many people did. A precedent has been made and there is no going back now.

I don't like that Sony now charges, but do you really blame them after seeing large quantities of people willingly pay for it year after year on the competitive console?

Here we are now stuck with paying to play online. There is no going back, too many people already accept it. We gamers had the power and the chance to change it, but we failed and we will continue to pay to play online from here on out.

thricetold1541d ago

Ding ding ding! We have a winner. It's absolutely absurd to say or think that everyone is cool with the pay for play antics that now plague console gaming but we all know it's ms fault.

Tons of petitions were started trying to convince those boneheaded fanboys what would happen in the future. They didn't care, just wanted halo, a game that was only bought to act as a Trojan horse to get their hooks in you.

Mission accomplished. Thanks guys

Same thing almost happened with the always online crap and other crap ms was trying to hamstring us with this gen, good thing smarter people looked back at their past and realized what was to come in our gaming future.

You're welcome.

mysteryraz111541d ago

go play on your lame pc then, trying to start a pc vs console thread just shows how immature you are and ps plus is awesome saves you tons of money on games man best deal in gaming steam games still cost money ps plus gives you free games pratically and lately psn has been having flash sales and discounts, gotten tons of aaa and indie and even exclusives from ps plus without having to pay barely anything

XtraTrstrL1541d ago

LOL @ your nonsense, "steam games still cost money ps plus gives you free games practically". I don't even know what the heck you're even trying to say here. Games cost money on all platforms. You don't get any free games from PS+, you are paying for the games. I wish people would stop using that falsehood as a positive of the service. PS4 has gotten NO AAAs, not that I'd expect it this soon - that's not the issue. We are mainly speaking of PS4 here obviously though, since it's the only Sony platform where online is paywalled behind PS+. So it'd make sense to keep the focus on PS4 when talking about the service being mandatory for online, since it's the only Sony platform where that's the situation.

Throwing in Vita and PS3 PS+ games doesn't help your argument when speaking to gamers who only have PS+ for PS4 because they have no choice if they wanna play their retail games online. The flash sales and discounts are very nice, they still don't hold a candle to Steam sales, and the cool 2-4 packs you can buy for super cheap for you and family/friends.

There's really no way around it, Steam would win in any side by side comparison when it comes to store functionality and consistency, service and pricing. It's silly to even try and fight against that truth. That being said, I primarily do my gaming on my PS4, and am waiting for the next wave of top multiplats and exclusives to hit the market.

tee_bag2421540d ago

How is something free if you have to pay a monthly fee? That's what I'd like to know. Also your punctuation is terrible. Hard to even make sense of all your dribble.

WeAreLegion1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Everyone is forgetting that Sony and Microsoft are running the majority of the servers on PSN/XBL. That gets very expensive. Nintendo will follow suit when they get a larger online base. Valve doesn't house the servers for most of the games on Steam.

We're lucky it was free on PS3.

LightofDarkness1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Most XBL games use peer to peer networking, which means a player is hosting the match. XBL just did the matchmaking. Most publishers use their own dedicated servers for online play, if they bother to set them up at all, and that goes for both companies. Honestly, the pay wall for multiplayer is mostly a cash grab. Simple as that. It's a gold mine for MS and Sony basically said "hey, if they're getting away with it, so can we." Now Sony may have been counting on that to recoup their investment in Gaikai and to improve network support and stability, but it wasn't because hosting games is expensive. It's just an easy cash grab. People are willing to pay it, XBL proved that much.

TheEternalGamer1541d ago

and Sony First Party games also used Dedicated servers at launch for the most of their First Party exclusives such as Resistance, Starhawk, Warhawk, etc.