Finding Exotic Gear Might Not Be In Your Destiny, Lady Luck Is Not Your Friend

"I have never been a gambling man for one simple reason. I never bl**dy win. This has always been the case when it comes to playing games like the National lottery or going Vegas with friends. So I wasn't surprised after 50 hours of grinding that I am yet to find the holy grail of Exotic Gear in Bungie's Destiny." Shawn Williams -

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EdnaJones971542d ago

I do think the loot system is very unfair, saying that Lady luck has been smiling a lot at me as I currently have the exotic machine gun, shotgun and gauntlet plus the head gear and chest armor for my Titan.

Aceman181542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

I got shotgun, machine gun, chest for titan, and gauntlet.

legionsoup1542d ago

Based on what everyone is saying, I've been incredibly lucky. I haven't purchased a single Legendary, and I have a full set of Legendary (from drops and the Cryptark leveling up). I've also got Exotic armor for my arms, and an Excotic Shotgun.

The one thing I did purchase was the Exotic rocket launcher from Xur.

joab7771542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

It's the rng of an mmo. I don't have a problem with it. I have dealt with this system for so long. As long as everyone has the ability to also grind for gear, then all is good.

So far, as of last night, 16 purple engrams, 0 legendary items. 8 strange coins, 0 exotic bounties or gear. But I'm loving it all.

BattleTorn1542d ago

Yup. I got my first 8 purple engrams over the weekend.

Not one was a purple item. :(

I even upgraded my cryptark skill, and got purple engrams as a reward from the postmaster.... still natta.


n4rc1542d ago

I'm 50 hours in.. Lvl 26

Didn't see a purple until hour 40.. But with buying and upgrading, I have a full set of legendary except heavy weapon..

I've yet to see a orange anything.. No bounty ever offered

JeffGUNZ1542d ago

haha ironic, the only legendary thing I got is a heavy weapon-Rocket Launcher. Is their a quicker way to get vanguard marks?!

HugoDrax1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

"I've yet to see a orange anything.. No bounty ever offered"

I really believe in order to unlock the Exotic Bounty, you have to complete a certain amount of Crucible Bounties.

Literally, the moment I turned in my Crucible Bounty, which put my weekly Crucible score at 100, I unlocked the Exotic Bounty Quest. I like using Fusion Rifles, so I choose "Shattered Memory Fragment" Quest. The only problem with this quest is, it's like a 10 step process in order to retrieve your item. I'm on step 3, where I have to dismantle 10 RARE Fusion Rifles. Which completely sucks since those weapons are difficult to come by anyway.

n4rc1542d ago

Well that could explain it.. I dont play in the crucible much and have only done maybe 6 bounties there.. Quite a few vanguard bounties and Nada..

legionsoup1542d ago

I've got a friend who sucks at the Crucible so he refuses to play it, and he's had 2 Exotic bounties. On the other hand, I play everything in this game, and have also had 2 Exotic bounties. We both play the game a lot (more than 50 hours each) and level 26 and 27, respectively.

I think it's just random, like everything else. And like anything that's random, the more you play it, the better change you have at getting something.

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DeadlyOreo1542d ago

I don't know why people are saying the legendary gear/gun system is unfair. Has no one played a Borderlands game? Getting legendaries and pearlescents was such a bitch.

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g-nome1542d ago

So how does the exotic gear help in any way with the game?

SirBradders1542d ago

Makes you look cool man. Seriously though it has 3 upgrades as apposed to 2 and the upgrades are worth having.

LackTrue4K1542d ago

Same question. I'm waiting on my dam friends to pick this game up, cuz playing it on my own @ this point is kind of boring. "I had much more fun in Borderlands 2"

tlougotg1542d ago

If your on ps4 add me just dm me your ps4 sn and ill add you (ive been playing alot last few days and im level 21)

enebreated1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Exotic gear has higher defense ratings than rare/legendary and also contains the Light stat which is also higher than rare/legendary gear. Lastly, it will contain 3 perks instead of 2.

Light stat allows you to go beyond level 20, consider it a defense/damage stat if you will.

If you're 2 levels below enemies you're facing, you'll do 50% less damage (ie: lvl 26 vs lvl 28 enemies). If you're 1 level below, you'll do 25% less damage. Being below enemy rank also means you'll take more damage. It caps at 50% damage reduction and does not work in reverse if you're a higher level than enemies.

Downside to legendary's, and especially exotics, is the amount of XP it takes to level them up combined with the last row of defense/damage buffs which need Ascendant Shards (for armor) or Ascendant Energy (for weapons) which are a pain to get. You'll need to do Raids, Weekly Strikes, Nightfall Strikes, and Public Events for a chance at any of them. Chests may contain them randomly during the Raids/Strikes as well.

Lastly, you can only have 1 piece of exotic armor equipped and 1 exotic weapon equipped.

This reddit article goes into detail on the Light leveling stats to reach level 21+.

LazyGoron1542d ago

Thanks, very helpful info... didn't know the bit about the defense % vs level vs your level, etc...

How'd you find that out? So regardless of my gun, if I am 22 and the enemies are 24, my gun is doing 50% less damage than it otherwise would? So even getting the higher (legend/exotic) gun won't change that 50% decrease?

enebreated1542d ago

Testing, lots of testing. In terms of the damage, you're both right and kind of wrong.

Right: regardless of what weapon you're using, you'll do 50% less for 2 levels lower, and 25% less for 1 level lower.

Kind of wrong: Getting the higher tier weapon will naturally increase your overall damage. Legendaries/Exotics cap at 300 damage (which doesn't make sense, but it is what it is). The Exotic will also contain a 3rd perk which may make it stronger/better against shields and enemies or in general. For example: Pocket Infinity is an exotic fusion rifle with a full auto option, while it may still do 300 damage at cap compared to a legendary counterpart, the full auto makes it beastly and delivers more dps than a fusion without full auto.

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OmegaShen1542d ago

Well when comes to getting legendary leg armor, yeah its rare as heck. But as for getting legendary gear and exotic gear is easy for me (just not the leg armor).

brettjones4941542d ago

Part of what makes Destiny fun is the looting for rare and exotic gear. Bungie has a long term plan for this game and I can see them bringing new better items in future once most people start to reach the ceiling cap.

Been looking for that helmet on the image above for my warlock for ever, I think I have only seen 5 people with it since i started playing last week.

LazyGoron1542d ago

I've seen 3/4 Purple engrams playing, yet to run across a gold one.

enebreated1542d ago

I've seen plenty of purple engrams, it's the Cryptarch that see's them as a different color. The bastard.

DeadlyOreo1542d ago

Oh don't get me started. That guy is a right kill joy.

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