Korean girl group Rainbow reveal sexy promo images for Legendary Chivalrous Fighter

A new batch of promotional pictures have been released for the upcoming mobile game Legendary Chivalrous Fighter. The pictures feature Korean girl group, Rainbow, who are the spokesmodels for the game.

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TM3331515d ago

Awesome! I love Rainbow. Ritchie Blackmoore's killer guitar work, and that song, "Ice Cold"....

Oh wait:(

Actually this Rainbow is much better to look at.

krauley1515d ago

TM333 I salute you for even knowing Rainbow and Ritchie Blackmore. Although "Ice cold" wouldnt be the first song that comes to mind ....bubbles

TM3331515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Thx LOL. Believe it or not, I'm actually 41, and play in a metal band called 'Piranah' (misspelled on purpose). I love a lot of the classic stuff. Those were the good ole days of music.

And ya, the Dio years were the best though. But I do love some Foreigneresque Rainbow with Joe Lynn Turner a little too haha.