Destiny is a mediocre game with a lot of problems, and I can't stop playing

Polygon: Destiny has been keeping me up at night.

The game is deeply flawed, and the Polygon review lists all the places it stumbles much better than I ever could, but I still find myself locked into the world's almost impersonal embrace way after the game's charms should have worn off.

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_FantasmA_1546d ago

Oh its Polygon. Yeeaaaahhh, I'm not clicking that link.

radler1546d ago

On the plus side, at least the worst journos in the business are all collected on one easily avoidable website :D

venom061546d ago

how the hell can you bash a game and then turn around and try to defend it with the "OMG, i can't stop playing"?? Get real Polygon, either say the game is mediocre as hell, boring and repetitive and give it a 6/10, or rave about it, say you can't stop playing it, and give it a 9/10. You can't have it both ways. Atleast let us try to take you seriously. Make a score (good or bad) and stick to it. I bet you want ever give any other "mediocre with alot of problems" games all this unneccessary love.

zero_gamer1546d ago

Thank you Ghostery for delivering me a completely ad-free experience at Polygon. I can visit their site any time and nobody gets paid.

NewMonday1546d ago

Ghostery or add-blocker?

Meltic1546d ago

Im lvl 20 and ive stopped played. Nothing funny anymore just same stuff. Meaby when they add new stuff i prob will play again but for now i stick to diablo 3 until shadow of mordor is out.

Paprika1546d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

Polygon - i used to be indecisive... but now I'm not so sure!

Dlacy13g1546d ago

Destiny the game that came out at the right time. That's how I see Destiny. Bungie and Activision have capitalized on the fact that there really is little else competing with with Destiny. So even though it has flaws a plenty, it does enough right to get many to play and keep playing since really the alternatives for new and shinny is non-existent.

S2Killinit1546d ago

people bought into the reviews. the biggest sites were the ones giving it the worst scores. its very telling. Bungie did not allow them to review it until the game was released. people don't know that there is a lot of politics behind the scenes of the critics and the revuew scores. Money changes hands and reviews are made. Bungie/Activision believed that with the hype Destiny had before launch they could bypass the critics and save costs of paying these sites off to "review" their game. The sites on the other hand wanted to make an example of Destiny so no one would dare go against their cartel. Its a dangerous idea for them, and they need to squash it quickly before others follow suit. Thats why the biggest sites scored it lowest. What Bungie/Activision were hoping was to allow review scores only after the game was released, that way, the critics would fear that if they score too low, they would attract the wrath of the gamers/fans who would demand why the site has scored the game such a low score. but since the sites came that hard and in unison, Bungie/Activision's plan backfired and the critics won this round. Now, we have two groups of gamers: first, the sheep, these are the people who either out of bias (one console over another) or just because they can't make a decision for themselves and need the critics to tell them if the game is any good, are jumping on the bandwagon that the game sucks. second, you have the people who are playing the game on their own, and can clearly see that the game is a solid, and fun game (that being subjective of course).

Personally, I'm enjoying the heck out of Destiny playing on hard. its one of the funnest games I've played in a long time. (its a bit reminiscent of Halo of course). I'm just sitting here in awe of the audacity of the gaming sites giving it 6s. and really doubting the whole review score mechanisms. Gaming sites have lost a lot of credibility with me...

TM3331546d ago

Amen brother. Well spoken! Make up your own mind. I'm still enjoying the hell out of the game. Haven't been this addicted to some gameplay in I don't know how long. I even got an import copy of Macross 30 for PS3 on Friday and haven't touched it. It's like I just dont' wanna play anything else LOL. I'm a lover, not a hater. If I'm not into something, I move on to something else I know I'll enjoy and appreciate.

Larry L1546d ago

I'm not even a big shooter fan, nor was I really impressed with the beta on PS3 that much, I played for a few hours then deleted it and went back to GT6. But I got the white PS4 bundle, and I'm finding it hard to put Destiny down. I set up my remote play just so I could play it on my Vita on the toilet or when a show I like is on (plays great on Vita btw, just wish I could adjust the layout a bit).

I can see why the average Halo or CoD fan are let down by Destiny, but that's probably why I like it. I have always enjoyed multi-player loot grinding games. Love Diablo and Champions of Norrath, LOVE Monster Hunter and Dragon Age and Demon's/Dark Souls and so on. So basically I'm fine with and used to doing the same quest over and over to grind loot and ingredients.

Maybe that's why I like Destiny so much and can't put it down. Because it has far more in common with a Monster Hunter or Diablo than it does with CoD or Halo. Goes to show you that we've come to a point in video games at which even a game's base gameplay (Destiny's gameplay itself being nearly identical to Halo), doesn't actually define the game's genre.

But while I love plating the game, it does have some things that bother me. I REFUSE the link my PSN to to see all the grimoires. It's a risk I'm not willing to take. It's the same reason I'm not a FF14 subscriber. I really wanted to subscribe but I can't do it through my PSN wallet. I'm NOT putting a credit card number online. Those grimoires all should have been in the game, and they need to be patched in so the game itself has some kind of story element without having to exit the game to get it. And I NEED a map. I mean WTF, why are there no maps for each area? I know the maps aren't HUGE, but they can be confusing and I'd like a map reference for where I am in an area when I find a nice enemy spawn I like or a chest spawn area. It really sucks for me not having a simple map come up with the ghost. There's also a lack of "casual" things to do, like speeder racing or something.

Other than those little gripes I'm really enjoying Destiny. It's one of the few games that have pulled me away from playing Gran Turismo on a religious daily basis lliterally since GT5 launched. For me that's high praise indeed, especially for "a shooter".

RyanShutup1546d ago

This article sums up almost perfectly (although without saying it) why review scores are worthless. Just say, "play it" or" don't play it" ... 6/10 makes it sound like a piece of shit when it's not. In fact it's the only game this gen that has me and all my friends playing together every night for hours on end.

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