Final Fantasy XIV becoming the next king of MMO's?

ExtraQuarter- "Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes caused by the fires of Bahamut. The forgotten title rises once more. Under the new title "A Realm Reborn". Right from the start you could tell the game was flashier, ran better, vastly more content, challenging and rewarding. Under a new team and Director, were quick to show Final Fantasy XIV was a game well worth a second look."

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ShinnokDrako1542d ago

Good there's at least this title that shows that FF isn't dead. It's great, every FF lover must try it ;P And now i want it F2P or remade for single player experience! Or better, with couch co-op included!

Bah, can i dream a bit? After knowing that Versus is becoming Final Casual XV i feel like crying... i wish FFXIV was an offline title ;(

Omega Zues1542d ago

haha, Its ok to dream.

It would be interesting to see a single player component, maybe some side games you can play offline?

You never know, Yoshi-P is always listening to fans.