Forza Horizon 2 Gets A New Open World Games Trailer Featuring Spectacular Music

Forza Horizon 2 receives a beautiful new trailer showing off its open world environment accompanied by some amazing fan-made music by Ryan Thomas, aka "ComposerRyan."

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Septic1543d ago

Nice fan made trailer. Man those environments are stunning. I've played the demo loads.

ScorpiusX1543d ago

A week left before I am tearing thur the country side of Europe like a madman.

yankolo1543d ago

Yeah predownloaded after playing the demo

Bigpappy1543d ago

Yeah. I played the demo for the first time last night. Those how are over hyping this game, AREN'T overhyping it. It Does deliver on all fronts, including good voice acting and believable human animation to boot. This is a very deep and interesting game that happens to focus on driving cars. It is done in a way that is fun even when I am loosing, LOL. Judging from the demo alone, I can already say with full confidence: this is a great game and will be counted as one of the best driving games ever made after its release. Not being a fanboy, and have not bought car racing game since Project Gotham. This game will keep you occupied for a very long time.

GodGinrai1543d ago

The racing game I want the most this fall. :)

Cant get enough of the demo. I can only imagine how good the full game will be.

SIMOIKIE1543d ago

They have been marketing this game so well how could anyone not love it! Best reason to own an xbox one yet IMO!

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The story is too old to be commented.