Destiny tops UK chart for second week running

"Bungie first-person shooter Destiny is top of the UK all-formats chart for the second week running.

Sales of the game fell 78 per cent following its record-breaking debut, but it still shifted enough copies to comfortably secure top spot ahead of Disney Infinity 2.0, which entered the chart this week with 32 per cent higher sales than predecessor Disney Infinity managed in its first week."

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TongkatAli1541d ago

This and GTA V remastered are going to be the highest selling games of the year, nothing else is going to come close.

Spinal1541d ago

And deservedly so.

Was playing Destiny last night with 2 of my friends and couldnt understand how some people don't like this game.

I think alot of people bought the game not understanding MMO's/Loot fest games like Diablo/World of Warcraft.

GTA 5 is a no brainer, i had it on 360 completed the campaign enjoyed the multiplayer although I wanted heists to come....

Cant wait to play GTA online on the PS4.

NewMonday1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

so much for the so called post-review bomb

the hate campaign didn't work and solid word of mouth kept Destiny top of the charts, people even bought the PS4 Destiny bundle with a margin of %72.

Perjoss1541d ago

Agreed, the combat is just so much fun and the controls are so tight. Could do with a few more enemy variations but I'm sure they will see to this with the DLC and sequel.

Will likely get it on PC too if its ever released just because I can.

DeadlyOreo1541d ago

Sales wise these games will be way behind Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare of course. It's silly to think otherwise.

ScottyHoss1541d ago

After ghosts you never know, but that could just be my wishful thinking lol

mochachino1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

All I know is I'm having a lot more fun playing Destiny than other games that were given universal glowing Bioshock Infinite...and have gotten a lot more hours of playtime too.

In fact, sadly I'm only now realizing that the major reviewers like Gamespot, IGN, etc. don't know a good game when they see one. I'd rate Wolfenstein The New Order higher than Bio Infinite, Infinite was an FPS with boring gunplay, how does that get more than 7.

Reviewers need a more objective standards for scoring games. Something is off, if a non-hyped game is great it only gets ok scores. If a super-hyped game isn't disappointing but only good, it gets amazing scores. If a super-hyped game is highly disappointing but still pretty good, it gets a horrible score. It's all too reliant and expectations, not the game itself.

ScottyHoss1541d ago

Bubble up, well said. CoD is probably going to get 9 or 10 this year. They are so revenue based they're only in it for clicks, and games which don't get hyped don't get clicks and aren't reviewed as drastically because no one really reads 7/10's, we want blood, glory, or both.

MRMagoo1231541d ago

So the article says that 75% of all ps4 sales this week where destiny bundled, I guess that means there will probably another high week of hardware sales this week too.

Realplaya1541d ago

I have a question. Are PS4 owners buying this game because it's good or is it because they finally get a Bungie developed game?

WeAreLegion1541d ago

Because it's good. I'm pretty sure most gamers, regardless of what system they own now, have owned or played a lot of Halo. I don't think Bungie is the deciding factor.

Blastoise1541d ago

I got it because it came with a cool white PS4 at a good price, plus it looked good and it just so happens it was great game too.

I wasn't particularly craving a Bungie developed game...

ScottyHoss1541d ago

I was unsold, entirely sceptic and cautious beyond belief about this game, I didn't like halo ODST when I had a 360, so I didn't think I would actually like a bungie game, and I've gotta say I'm having a blast with my friends on it for the simple fact that it's a great game which has some flaws, but more importantly has the ability to become something amazing, more so than it already is.

mochachino1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

The average person playing games doesn't care who Bungie are. They're buying it because it's fun with friends, irrespective of reviews.

Most gamers care little about the non-game playing side (internet forums, gaming sites, arguments, fanboy wars, etc.) of gaming. They just play the yearly iteration of what they like and what's popular.

A big difference between the average gamer and avid gamer, that when not gaming, is on the internet reading about and discussing games. Avid gamers are the minority, otherwise they would have you believe that COD is the least popular and most hated game in the world instead of one of the most popular.

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imt5581541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Unbeliavable for PS4 Destiny bundle! A week and a half ago Xbone had deals in UK for just over 300£ with MCC ( preorder of course ) and Destiny and still outsold by PS4. Damn, damn, damn! Can't wait for NPD results!