Destiny Review "Dissapointing in Social Elements and it's "cinematic" storyline" | Pure|News

With the game for some weeks now, Pure|News has finally decided to release their review after a intensive analysis on the game from the leveling section to the end game content.

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DeadRabbits1515d ago

Its plain to see that Reviewers have reached the limit of their intellectual capacity to review games that take time to appreciate.

Once COD comes out they will be back in their comfort zone and we will see those well paid for 9.0's roll in again!

Seafort1515d ago

Or they are actually telling the truth for once but I guess a review is only the truth if the fanboys agree with it :)

Destiny is just a game that didn't live up to expectations, nothing more.

1nsomniac1515d ago

Posting a comment about lack of intellect while ignoring the source material itself is a little ironic don't you think?

Destiny is a game that has been designed against the consumer in order to try & force further revenue.

There is a perfectly good reason why it's getting a similar score across the board.

Sashamaz1515d ago

You know Destiny is published by Activision right? I'm sure they could've easily paid some reviewers a little from the supposed 500 mil spend on the game.

Gamerbeyond1515d ago

reviewers must be dumb or stupid because they gave a game you like a mediocre score. boo hoo hoo.

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pompombrum1515d ago

Lol did bungie really boast about it's cinematic storyline? If so either they got really attached to the project to the point where they became delusional or have pretty ruthless spinsters on their payroll.

kurruptor1515d ago

I've played this game more than any other in the first 2 weeks of release.

All I hear about is no story. I still don't know when story being some major part of some first person shooter.

I'm sure they've read all the Grimoire cards which provide tons of back story. More so than any NEW FPS has ever had.

I think people are comparing it to games that have had multiple releases, and a story built up over time.

I personally am not a story person, so I couldn't give 2 shits.

pompombrum1515d ago

The story isn't the problem, there is a fantastic story hidden in the universe, it's the storytelling that is terrible. Telling a story through Grimoire cards is just poor storytelling not to mention the fact you can only access them through the bungie website. Sorry but that's just poor game design.

_-EDMIX-_1515d ago

So the game has a great story........else where?

LMFAO! DAT LOGIC! Yup..Halo has a GREAT story too.



in da books. I bet the reviewers just need to read all the books. Question, why is a game telling a story through text and not through the actual game? Do they not understand the medium they exist in?

Fallout had books, Elder scrolls had books.......IN THE DAMN GAME! I played the alpha and beta and worried quite a bit about this game due to the story not actually being there.

What they are saying about this game is 100% true.

Its extremely poor design. Bungie should be ashamed of themselves to even release a game with such a crap story and sit behind a wall of text as a damn "back story".

Know what I love about MGS and Final Fantasy's stories? They actually show it happening vs (go to this site and see a wall of text)

Do you go to damn movie and just see pictures with no dialog followed by the screen just showing a link to the book of the film?

Sooooo why on earth would one defined such garbage? LOL! Truly sad.

kurruptor1515d ago

Where did I say it had a great story?

I just said most other FPS games don't have some great story. So, I don't get why it is a requirement all of a sudden.

kurruptor1515d ago

One thing I do agree with is the social element of the game. I understand Bungie says it isn't an MMO.

They have this clan/group system, which really doesn't do much in game. You can't do weekly heroics (strike and story) without forming a fireteam first.

I'm an adult and I don't have hundreds of PSN friends. So, I joined a popular clan.... but that doesn't do shit in game really.

They either need matchmaking or some chat/invite system via your clan WITHIN the game. I don't want to go to to find people to group up with.

_-EDMIX-_1515d ago

10000% agreed! They can't just state its not an MMO when its problems can be solved by doing what MMO teams have been doing for years.

Soooo they say its not an MMO, thus they need not to every fix a broken system? Too funny.

tlougotg1515d ago

Idk Destiny has kind of grown on me in the last few days )im level 21 now). I was one to dog it due to its very repetitive nature but i found myself enjoying the sp, even more than the full on mp. The mp is also a blast at times, especially with friends and its competitiveness but ive played Destiny alone and have enjoyed it as well.

Yeah the heroic strike thing and not be able to do it unless you have a fireteam is utterly stupid. They need to let you join up with randoms.