Destiny's endless loot cave – Contributing to the game’s failure

MWEB GameZone writes: "Longevity for a game such as Destiny, where the amount of players still enjoying the game months after its launch is a good measure of its success.

Farming for top of the range gear and end game content are perhaps the two most important elements to determine the longevity of any MMO. Destiny has more than a few exploits at the moment, where farming loot is made excessively easy and is contributing to the game's failure."

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lord zaid1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I keep hearing that Destiny is a failure. I think that is the worst possible word. People are playing it and it is selling well. That is not a failure.

Dissapointment? That is word that works much better.

HanCilliers1548d ago

Have you ever played an MMO or MMORPG? I know Destiny is somewhat of a hybrid, but exploits that directly affect longevity might be its downfall.

lord zaid1548d ago

I mixed it up with Guild Wars for a while, but short answers, no, I'm not MMOer.

That said, if you work long enough you can find an exploit in any game. That this one exists in Destiny is not a good thing, but it doesn't mean the game is a failure. It smacks of bad game design, certainly, which can lead to dissappointment. But to say the game is a failure? Surely not.

Questioning its success is a waste. Destiny is successful despite its many flaws. Now whether that success is deserved is a much better question.

Sillicur1548d ago

It definately will contribute and it will get worse the longer these types of exploits stay in the game

NewMonday1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

minute for minute loot is better from bounties and strikes/crucible when playing the daily challenge, you get them straight up most of the time, no need for Cryptarch who may give you trash. wasted hours in that cave.

and this is not bad for new players who want to get up to speed.

DivoJones1548d ago

Agreed. I've played casually (with a few late nights) and i'm at level 22 now.. even this weekend with my xbox friends on, we did the heroic weekly a few times, but by the end felt pretty blah about playing more. The Crucible pvp isn't great, so my group which is mostly made up of CoD players isn't into playing that. So now we're just down to replaying missions to get marks to buy items, or we can just go sit at a cave and grab free loot.

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Sillicur1548d ago

It is a failure in terms of what was expected from it and what it delivered in the end. Personally due to all the hype i didnt even expect review scores of less than 8.5 at least.

LazyGoron1548d ago


Strongly disagree, I have maybe spent... 30 minutes a day the last 3 days and I get 6/7 blue engrams each time.

I've gotten 4 pieces of random legendary (purple engrams) equipment and guns. My Fireteam partner received a gold engram doing this.

100% this is the easiest way to get the best gear. I agree that Vanguard/Crucible marks are valuable and you need to do other things to get them. But for leveling up armor/guns and getting random engrams, this is what everyone should do who doesn't have time to play an hour a day.

I am like level 7/8 cryptarch because of this and each time I hit a level he sends me purple engrams now, it's awesome.

HanzoHattori1548d ago

Farming is nothing new to RPG's and MMO's. People are making entirely too much of things in this game that they consider to be issues when no issue actually exists. As for Destiny failing, I don't see the number of people playing the game slowing down. If anything, i'd say that people are buying the game and trying it for themselves. It's ridiculous to assume that Destiny is failing especially since the game has sold millions of copies and is still selling very well.

Sillicur1548d ago

It is about longevity not about the sales numbers at present time.

Farming yeh, it is nothing new, but this is more of an exploit than normal farming in my opinion

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1547d ago

Kind of a pointless argument. When events, and dlc are on the horizon.

OB1Biker1548d ago

I think it s more like a failure from internet reviews and articles to be taken seriously as they lay an article for anything they think may fit the trend and attract readers with flashy headlines.

Aceman181548d ago

Yea this is nothing new I myself was farming this cave over the weekend and got some good stuff but mostly green orbs kept falling I believe that's what balances it out.

Jdoki1548d ago

I heard about this exploit on Saturday. It's now Monday morning... I suspect Bungie will have a patch of some sort dropped by Thursday.

If they don't then I'd be concerned.

All these doom and gloom articles appearing (I've seen two this morning already) because someone found an exploit, is ridiculous.

Stick891548d ago

They've known about it since beta. They more than likely won't fix it, and there is no need to fix it. I've spent 1-2 hours farming this cave a day and I wind up usually getting MAYBE 1 legendary engram if I'm lucky. My time would be better spent running strikes or the crucible, but I go here to just relax for a bit after playing other modes (like the raid).

--Onilink--1548d ago

and you probably got some uncommon gloves for that engram lol.

Damm you Cryptarch

Deadpool6161548d ago

From what I've understand the "risk and reward" factor for loot in Destiny is broken.

TotalSynthesisX1548d ago

No kidding.

>complete a Level 24 Strike
>"Uncommon" chest armor

>find a silver loot chest out in the open
>150 Glimmer, Legendary Engram, 2 Helium Filaments and a Strange Coin

Sillicur1548d ago

Completely agree. Even without the exploit the risk/reward is not good ;(

danowat1548d ago

It's because everything is completely random.

iceman061548d ago

It's not really risk vs. reward. It's purely random. That's why people choose to farm the cave with level 6's instead of farming level 25's. You have the same relative chance of good loot dropping from each one.

PoodlePuncher1548d ago

I think that's what he's saying. You should get better loot from higher levels enemies, otherwise you end up with a bunch of people shooting into a cave...

Hellsvacancy1548d ago

Oh god no it's the level that was in the beta, I couldn't play that part of the game again, I saw it too many times, the early part of the video when you see him running through the hallways of enemies, getting to the cave, I ran that same path probably a hundred times when I played the beta, I know every inch of it

Fills me with dread the idea of playing through that section AGAIN when I get the full game in 6 months

Jdoki1548d ago

I can't blame Destiny for this, as it was my choice to do it - but after levelling 6 characters across the Alpha and Beta I was pretty sick of the Tutorial Section when the final game launched. :)

I ended up starting three characters (one for each class), and blasting each of them through to the point where the Sparrow unlocks. Just to get it out the way.

It is kinda cool being able to go back and explore the areas where the enemy were too tough in the Beta, but overall I know the Earth maps far too well!

iceman061548d ago

So true. That was the area that I spent the most time in as well. I hadn't really thought of farming the cave. I just used the area, because there were so many enemies, to complete Vanguard marks and level up weapons.

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