Exclusive: First James Bond: Quantum of Solace screenshot

It's been awhile since news spread about Treyarch developing the next James Bond game, and we've been waiting patiently to see the master spy back in action. At last we have the first sighting of the elusive man of action in Quantum of Solace, the game based on the next Bond feature. Here it is...

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nightfallinicedearth3830d ago

Is it weird that I'm actually looking forward to this bond game?

Ben10543829d ago

Bond games are great. i had lots of fun with Nightfire on multilayer. I don't like Daniel Craig though

Panthers3829d ago

Really? Daniel Craig is awesome. The last Bond was one of the best.

LinuxGuru3830d ago

The eyes and hair on Daniel Craig's character model suck.

Also, Craig tends to purse his lips a lot, it's actually my most noticed thing about him when he's on screen.

If they can somehow include that little touch on his character model, then he'll look very convincing, even if the eyes and hair are slightly off.

arakouftaian3830d ago

i hope if thye get it right like cod4 then is a must buy for me!!! but i dotn think they cna rich that point... it depend on the player not the game behind the game

Fishy Fingers3829d ago

Looks good, I'm happy this game will allow them to get their hands on experience with the COD4 engine before they started on COD5.

yoghurt3829d ago

These screenshots were in the official playstation magazine last week

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