CC2's Matsuyama: If Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Is a Hit, Let's Make a FF7 Remake

CyberConnect2 President and CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama asked Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto if he is interested in a remake of Final Fantasy VII.

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-Foxtrot1516d ago

Seems more like a ploy to buy G-Bike

"Want a remake...well buy our new game"

breakpad1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

FF7 remake if it will ever happen will never be the same and will never have the same appeal,feeling and success as the original one ,IF the remake will be made from today 's Square Enix has lost alot of talented people they dont care anymore for quality and they became alot like Activision and Ubisoft cutting the games into DLC. Are not the same company as Square soft...although FFtype0 and FFV director Tabata is a very capable guy as FFtype0 was an excellent game (having in mind that it was a PSP game)

Chrono1516d ago

G-Bike is free download though...

nX1515d ago

If it happens they'll screw it up anyway, Square died a long time ago just like Sega.

user55757081515d ago

they've been trolling everyone about an ff7 remake for a decade.

everyone thought the ps3 tech demo was going to become a remake and nope just more trolling

squarenix gives 0 f*cks because rather than giving fans what they want we get trolled with FFXIII-2 and lightning returns

TheTwelve1515d ago

A ploy that I will 100% fall for.

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llxKonanxll1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

I swear I remember a statement from an exec at square stating they won't make a FF7 remake until they make a FF that surpasses it. It seems like they're luring people in with a shady tactic.

Aleithian1516d ago

Yup, that was indeed said.

And of course, they haven't...

Maybe XV will blow us all away.

PS4isKing_821516d ago

FF7 remake here we come!!

Catoplepas1516d ago

For mobile platforms undoubtedly. No thanks.

Illusive_Man1516d ago

Cool and bring it to Xbox One too!

Shinox1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

NO , That would be insulting to the Playstation history and legacy
FF7 was the reason PS is so successful and vice versa
Absolutely should be PS4 exclusive no doubt , remember Sony E3 2005

DevilOgreFish1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Shinox- "NO , That would be insulting to the Playstation history and legacy FF7"

.......Their FFVII bike game that they're making is for mobile devices.

And FFVII was originally made on the N64.

The deal for Nintendo changed because they ran out of storage space. Hironobu said that was the only thing stopping them from releasing the game.

LightDiego1516d ago

But it's for IOS? No, thanks.

Cryptcuzz1515d ago

They should develop it for the Vita as well IMO, since itt even has similar hardware architecture as smartphones (Arm Cortex CPU)

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The story is too old to be commented.