Worldwide Hardware and Software Chart for Week Ending June 13th, 2008

VGChartz reports that their estimated worldwide hardware and software chart for week ending June 13th, 2008 is as follows:

Hardware Totals: [Last Week #]

DSL: 457,366 (+14%) [400,544]
PS3: 320,414 (+112%)[151,375]
Wii: 296,991 (-10%) [328,652]
PSP: 205,249 (+3%) [199,757]
360: 130,483 (-2%) [133,746]
PS2: 102,431 (+13%) [91,045]

Top 10 Software Worldwide:

1 Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns of the Patriots (PS3)1,412,440 1,412,440 [NEW]
2 Wii Sports (Wii) 261,845 24,523,452
3 Mario Kart Wii (Wii) 182,507 5,681,547
4 Wii Play (Wii)145,923 12,914,476
5 Wii Fit (Wii) 143,951 4,757,371
6 Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (PS2) 109,062 238,020
7 Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (DS) 102,401 199,755
8 Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (Wii) 97,908 233,860
9 Ninja Gaiden 2 (360) 97,099 352,185
10 Grand Theft Auto IV (360) 94,578 5,382,584

Other New Releases:

33 Don King Presents: Prizefighter (360) 41,995 41,995 [NEW]
34 NASCAR 09 (360) 40,650 40,650 [NEW]

Software Totals: [Last Week #]

PS3: 2,388,340 (+113%) [1,120,447] Tie Ratio: 4.34
DSL: 1,909,915 (+9%) [1,750,753] Tie Ratio: 3.49
Wii: 1,819,146 (-10%) [2,012,170] Tie Ratio: 4.90
360: 1,384,096 (-14%) [1,613,003] Tie Ratio: 6.70
PS2: 621,888 (-2%) [631,411] Tie Ratio: n/a
PSP: 390,427 (-8%) [424,145] Tie Ratio: 2.06

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supergamer3828d ago

this is the first time PS3 beat the wii worldwide! great job sony!

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pharmd3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

spam much fragking?

on topic:

1.4 mill.. not too shabby Kojima, nice work ;D

mikeslemonade3828d ago

Not only does it sell over 1 million but 400,000 more than some of the doubters thought.

Microsoft has no answer to counter GTA4. What do they have Ninja Gaiden 2 and Too Human. Too Human althought looks like a good game it's not going to sell hardware like MGS4. It's Quality of Quantity. We have Resistance 2 to counter Gears 2.

dragunrising3828d ago

What does "It's Quality of Quantity" mean? Also, "Microsoft has no answer to counter GTA4." I thought the game came out for both systems...I think you were trying to communicate that M-soft has nothing better on the plate after GTA4; am I wrong?

"We have Resistance 2 to counter Gears 2" Dude, the console wars are not an actual war. Enjoy the games. They both should be good.

Also, Ninja Gaiden 2 was never supposed to be a system seller. It sold 350,000 copies already...not bad for being out only 2 weeks. Too Human is more in line with the idea of "system seller."

Expected Metal Gear 4 to sell over a million. I think it has a lot more appeal than some analysts predicted it to have. Time will tell if it is a bigger system seller than GTA4. I'm looking forward to the Metal Gear Solid Data base on the PSN store tomorrow. Should clear up a few things...:-)

sonarus3828d ago

Actually i think the NG2 scores are really weak. With the install base advantage, i certainly expected it to sell more than it did. Biggest game for 360 this summer will be a multiplatform title called battlefield bad company. Great shooter on a system that loves shooters.

mikeslemonade3828d ago

Dammit whatever happened to the edit button?

Not only does it sell over 1 million but 400,000 more than some of the doubters thought.

Microsoft has no answer to counter MGS4? What do they have Ninja Gaiden 2 and Too Human. Too Human althought looks like a good game it's not going to sell hardware like MGS4. It's Quality over Quantity. We have Resistance 2 to counter Gears 2.

MGS4* and Quality over Quantity*.

Too Humean doesn't have the hype to be a system seller. Honestly if it isn't a console war why are you here on N4G in the comment section. It's 95% debate.

dragunrising3828d ago

and yes i like debate. however, some people take it too far and care too much. what happened to being just a gamer?

gamersday083828d ago


Wonder where they're *hiding* now?

plenty a tool3828d ago

lol great comments. how much does sony pay it's loyal soldiers? coz if the money is good, i mite sign-up and become an obsessed fanboy aswell!

anyway, so mgs has shifted a few consoles providing this is accurate! but is it just a spike? which i think in a couple weeks will be proved rite. or, is it going to be the norm with sales accelerating? i dont think it's going to be like this every week now. within a couple of weeks, the sales will drop back down to what they were.

Tomdc3828d ago

aside from the sucess of the PS3, wii sales look like they have fallen a fair amount. 10% is a pretty big drop!

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Rattles3828d ago

wat! world wide console sales! you mean the numbers xbots refuse to look at??

chidj23828d ago

hahaha GoGoGo MGS4

GoGoGo PS3

DarkSniper3828d ago

This is the grave you made for yourself Microslaves. As numbers show, Xbox 360 has finally taken the nose dive into the brink of death. Microsoft's suicide console has only a couple of years at best, maybe until 2009. Developers are taking notice, so say goodbye to your Halo exclusives, Gears of War exclusives and Mass Effect exclusives.

Xbox 360 has a shorter life span to live than Solid Snake.


-Maverick-3828d ago

360: 130,483 (-2%)
PS2: 102,431 (+13%)

muahahhahahahhahahhahahahahha hahahahahha

Xbox 360 is SUCH A FAILURE. Look how close it is!!! And the people buying PS2 could just spend a little more money and get a Xbox 360 hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahaha hhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah haha

Now time to make the "we still believe we have a chance in h3ll" Loser Bots Squirm:

PS3: 320,414 (+112%)


Judgement Day was a success you stupid BOTS!!! But we didn't need judgement day to kill the Turdbox.... no one is buying it anyways!!!!


Judgement day just contiunes building that PS3 momentum that will carry on for the next 8 or more years!!! hahahahhahahahahahhahahaha

And MGS4 is better than anything on Xbox 360. FACT.


pimpstation3828d ago

Flop Gaiden 2 is destroying 360s and microsoft's profits.

Meanwhile tha Triple continues to be the console of choice for playas around the world.

theKiller3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

wow thats a huge sales for 400$ ps3 for one day effect of MGS4!!!

the list is only growing

MGS4 perfect reviews from!

10/10 from kombo
10/10 from gamespot
10/10 from IGN
10/10 from Playstation Official Magazine UK
10/10 from GamePro
10/10 from Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
10/10 from Game Informer
10/10 from Gameplayer
10/10 from Console Monster
10/10 from PSX Extreme
10/10 from AceGamez
10/10 from Famitsu
10/10 from MeriStation (Spain)
10/10 from PlayStation Beyond
10/10 from Empire Online
10/10 from neocrisis
10/10 from Rise of Games
10/10 from pocket-lint
10/10 from gamespot(UK)
10/10 from JeuxVideo.FR
10/10 from bingegamer(BG)
10/10 from PSU
10/10 from Dubious (104%)
10/10 from 411
10/10 from X-Play
10/10 from
10/10 from Eurogamer Portugal
10/10 from Loot Ninja
10/10 from PST (
10/10 from ME (
10/10 from 360-Entertainment
10/10 from
10/10 from Level 26
10/10 from PSM (Italy)
10/10 from Playr (bravo uk)
10/10 from ReelGamers
10/10 from Sl!ceGaming
10/10 from Sci Fi
10/10 from Giant Bomb
10/10 from Maxim Online
10/10 from Thunderbolt Games
10/10 from TheSixthAxis
10/10 from Lawrence
10/10 from Digital Chumps
10/10 from
10/10 from Hooked Gamers
10/10 from GamingAge
10/10 from QJ.Net
10/10 from G4 TV
10/10 from Geekscribe
10/10 from SCRAWL (
10/10 from

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3828d ago

PS3: 320,414 ;-P

Wii: 296,991 ;-D

PSP: 205,249 ;-P

360: 130,483 ;-D ;-D ;-D

cito35th3827d ago

uh oh what happened? why am i not seeing any 360 fanboys now?!?!!?!!


in 360 language OWNAGE !!!


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DrWan3828d ago

table has turned. Mulitplat is now selling more on PS3. Good job phil..whatever u did in that company is pushing ppl to buy more dragonballz on the PS3..

Rattles3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

ITS A Wii FAN!!!
quick catch it before it gets away!

Fragking283828d ago

lol good one. Im just tryin to prove apoin fanboys sound so stupid.

BulletToothtony3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

you should record yourself..

pwnsause3828d ago

Quick Use the cardboard box!!!!


The ps2 challenging the xbox.......all in fun game on