10 Reasons You're Wrong About Destiny

It's not hard to see the many things Bungie's latest does better than anyone else right now.

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JeffGUNZ1545d ago

It's simple. If you like FPS more and was hoping this game to be a new FPS feel, then you're not going to like it. If you like looting and gear, and enjoy FPS, this game is perfect for you. Sure, their are things that will be tweaked and patched, but this game is well worth the price tag.

joab7771545d ago

One reason for me...I can't stop playing or thinking about it. It's actually quite absurd.

I have got 19 purple engrams and 0 legendary items. I have fully leveled my sunsinger and almost all my void walker and still have 0 purple items. I could buy 1 but I'm not going to yet (cuz it will b the first to drop) The problem is that w/ all +15 light items, it isn't enough to get to 25, so I can't move on.

I've resorted to farming but spent 3 hrs on that cave and got 6 blues and 0 50 greens
Leveled my cryptarch twice and got 8 blue engrams. Played 6 PvP matches to change my luck and got 2 blue helmets.

kneon1545d ago

It's not been quite as bad for me, I've had about a dosen purples, but only 4 actually turned out to be legendary items. 2 were helmets and the other 2 were the same cloak which I already had bought from dead orbit ;(

After nearly 14000 kills I thought I would have done better than that.

I am part way through a bounty that is teasing me with an exotic item but I don't know how many more steps I need to go through, it's starting to feel like Henry the chickenhawk fetching one thing after another so he can get help to catch a chicken.

il-JumperMT1545d ago

If you like looting? You will hate this game

Its so fun doing a Strike, being MVP an get a shard, while the worst player you seen who is afk 90% of the strike get exotics.

JeffGUNZ1545d ago

I hear some of the concerns, but it's just the way it goes. I did the treasure cave for about an hour to an hour and a half and got a lot of green (which is good for parts) and like 12 blue. I received a legendary rocket launcher from a blue a few days ago in a regular mission and then I got the same legendary rocket launcher again in treasure cave. It's frustrating but it always keeps bringing me back for more.

JAT1545d ago

I actually agree 100% with this article!
Good job dude.

All you haters out there? put it on Hard and get some friends, if you don't have fun with that then you aren't a fan of First Person Shooters end of story.

Destiny is the most interesting game of 2014.
Can't wait to see what comes next!

kneon1545d ago

Even picking a heroic difficulty above your current level it's still fairly easy if you bother to think about it for a second and not run headlong in to a mob like an idiot.

mcarsehat1545d ago

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venom061545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

wayyy to many legitimate critics have put this game between a 7 and 7.5.. if that was an EA game, that would be a mediocre as hell in most people's eyes (this isn't a flop, but isn't anything at ALL to write home about)... and this game is just that and only that, mediocre has hell. This industry is so full of biased fanboys to the point of being comedy...

Magnes1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Care to name some of these legitimate critics please don't say Gamespot the site that famously fired Jeff Gertsmann when he refused to give Kane and Lynch a good score when he thought it was a bad game. I also hope you don't mean kotaku after their little debacle. You could mean all the youtube reviewers a lot of who have admitted to taking money from companies like MS to give games favorable reviews.

CorndogBurglar1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

"7 and 7.5.. if that was an EA game, that would be a mediocre as hell in most people's eyes"

And yet, Battlefield 4 garnered incredibly high scores, even though it was missing certain things detrimental to playing online with friends (most of which have been fixed now, but it took a long time), its still full of glitches to this day, and its just the same old thing its been for the past I don't even know how many years. (Aside from Bad Company 2. That game was phenominal.)

You know who gave BF4 all those high scores? Your so called "legitimate critics." Right, these legitimate critics gave a game thats glitchy as hell, something that heavily effects gameplay, a much higher score than a game that runs completely flawlessly, but just had a few questionable decisions in it.

Thats legitimate for you...

JeffGUNZ1545d ago

When on earth did 7.5 become a mediocre game? The ranking system of gamers in the last 5-10 years has been laughable. Mediocre games fall in about 5-6 range. At this point the game IMO is a solid 8. It's misisng some depth and the story missions were repetitive but overall, it's a solid game with a lot of potential to evolve into a 9 or 10 down the road with expansions and sequels. I just don't get how a game, not just this one, can be constituted as a flop if it scores a 7.5? Really? Every game has to be a 9 or 10 to be worthy of it?

Bennibop1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

A review in a publication or online is an opinion not a fact, there are to many people bashing each other for either liking or disliking destiny. If you don't like it go play something else and if you all the best to you and I hope bungie keep improving the game. Just seems like it's cool to hate destiny especially when websites etc seemed to have ridiculous expectations that nothing could've live up too.

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