9 Crushes We All (Stupidly) Had On Old-School Game Girls

Give a man a fishing rod, and he’ll never go hungry again, yet give a man access to a collection of pixels in the vague shape of anything resembling the opposite sex, and he’ll dedicate endless fansites to it until the end of time.

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DougLord1541d ago

You had a crush on a video game character? Wow.

Exies71541d ago

I... am... a robot. Beep boop.

pompous1541d ago

I know right. WOW!! to anyone having a crush on a digital 3d image. It's understandable though as most haven't and probably won't ever be with a real girl. Real girls were on my mind when I was playing games back then and not crushing over a virtual girl.

I_am_Batman1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Does that mean it is impossible for you to feel anything towards a game character?

If you felt sadness when a video game character died or something like that, why can't you have a crush on a video game character?

If it goes for movies it goes for games as well imo.

jc485731541d ago

Trish? Maybe when they gave her a polygon job, but she wasn't that attractive in the first game.

sonicsidewinder1541d ago


jambola1541d ago

Who doesn't want to click through 10 pages of why they were stupid

Gatsu1541d ago

Tifa and them balloons, good memories.

Eidolon1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

good mammaries

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