Sony really, really wants you to buy an Xperia smartphone 【Tokyo Game Show】

Rocketnews24: As well as hooking up a number of Xperia Z3 smartphones to PlayStation 4 consoles in an effort to flaunt the phone’s PlayStation 4 remote play capabilities, Sony has an entire stand at TGS dedicated to Final Fantasy: World Wide Words, a smartphone-only title, complete with a booth companion dressed to look like Tifa Lockhart.

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ThatOneGuyThere1516d ago

to be fair, the xperia line of phones are among the best available. especially if you're a gamer. i also love the fact that they're waterproof. a feature that should be standard in 2014.

badz1491516d ago

Agreed. I moved away from Samsung and never looked back since. Sony really stepped up their game started with Z and I am currently using the Z Ultra. I also have the Tablet Z and it's an awesome tablet to boot too. I think the are releasing new iteration of the Z family far too quickly IMO and now is already at Z3 and it's just a very minor upgrade from Z2 if not for the Remote Play which is what I'm very interested in.

based on the current market and how they are loosing money by catering to the lower end devices, I think they have made a wise choice to start catering to high end markets only. the mid to low end market is now dominated by cheap China brands like Lenovo, Oppo, Huawei, Xiomi etc. and it's just not wise to compete with those guys. the Android market is a crowded one and price is a crucial factor. even Samsung's market share is shrinking now as these Chinese phones have started to flood the market. Even Apple has seemingly stop to care for lower end market of their iPhone which they tested with the 5C.

Xperias are great phones which really feels built for premium especially the Z family. Sony have already cemented their presence in the dust and water proof phones with many calling other phones doing the same nowadays as "like Xperia" which is a good start. now with the Popularity of the PS4, I hope Sony can score big starting with the Z3 family and I think they should push it hard with heavy marketing like what Samsung and Apple is doing.

Apple has proven that you can sell turd for gold if you have brand recognitions at their level but Xperias are no turd and they are nicely priced compared to the competitors. What Sony needs is some more market awareness towards the Xperia brand and they are doing a good job trying to make it a unique phone compared to others.

Aceman181516d ago

If Verizon had them I would get it easily.

jujubee881516d ago

The mobile and ISP's in America run an illegal business IMO. It's so aweful that people need to get into a contract and can only buy certain devices just be with the in crowd.


Aceman181516d ago


Yea I know what you mean for me I'm not a fan of Apple, Samsung or Windows phones.

Right now I'm rocking the HTC One M8, but I really wanted one of the Xperia phones but it ain't on Verizon 😭

ramiuk11516d ago

i hate iphone.
had a samsung s3 and went to a z2,i have always had flagship phones from htc etc in past and jeez the Z2 is a 100 leagues above any other phone imo.

the quality,speed is top notch and camera is amazing,coupled with the 2 day battery life on normal use and wow what a phone.

i just want sony to say if remote play coming asap or if i should give it to GF and get her upgrade to the Z3.

Illusive_Man1516d ago

Going Iphone 6 Plus. If I want Android it'd probably be HTC or LG.

weekev151516d ago

Im typing this on my z1 having previously had HTC one and Samsung Galaxy s3. Easily the best phone i have owned, i can only imagine how good the z2 and z3 will be. Really hope sales pick up for the phones so that Sony can start making money again and sink more into their studios.

ThatOneGuyThere1516d ago

I've owned samsung, HTC, and LG phones, and ever since my first Z, im done with phones that arent sony(unless someone actually competes with what sony is offering). The z3 looks incredible and I cant wait to get my stuck-up little hands on it.

luis_spartano1516d ago

Don't worry Sony. I'll buy Xperia Z3.

Just release the god damn phone already!

BG115791516d ago

It's the same for me. I need to replace my old S2. I'm definitely going for it to.

98xpresent1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

There is so many better phones out on the market. Samsung and Apple are the way to go

elazz1516d ago

Well, with nearly every high end phone here in the household everyone agrees that my xperia Z2 has the best value just ahead of the S5 while iphones, easy to use, don't offer that much.

My sister wants to get the Z3 compact to replace her last years iphone and my mother doesn't really care about brand (Samsung was on a sale) but she does find xperia's better looking.

All high end phones are good but the little things at Xperia do stand out.

ramiuk11516d ago

i love the movie creator it does every couple days.
makes those family moments extra special on that day trip out.

ScorpiusX1516d ago

Looks nice, but I like my Samsung Galaxy phone might be whatever come windows 9 and a fully developed Cortanna .

SirBradders1516d ago

I got an android and a windows phone (work gave me) and talking from experience windows phones are amongst the worst phone I have ever used. The ui is really bad and I just can't seem to get on with it.

ScorpiusX1516d ago

My G5. Will remain a work related mobile but the windows Mobile will be the final part of the ecosystem between my PC, tablet, Xbox one .

SniperControl1516d ago

Same here, i have the Z2 as my personal phone(and love it) and am currently trialling windows phones and surface at work.

Have received nothing but bad reviews regarding the windows stuff, they all want iphones and ipads, the trial comes to an end soon, so will have to decide.

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