Spikey Walls Review - Nintendo Enthusiast

NE: "Spikey Walls is one dollar. There are definitely worse things to spend a buck on, even if this is a clone of a free game. Even so, this probably isn’t worth a purchase. It’s an improvement over the game it is aping purely because of the improved controls and how easy it is to brag on Miiverse, but it loses the charm that made the original such a hit. And there’s just the fact that it is yet another Flappy Bird knock-off. You might like Spikey Walls if you liked Flappy Bird. If you haven’t played another game like this, want to try one out, and desire to play a version with spot-on controls or a version that you can brag about on Miiverse, maybe pick it up. But it’s pretty unlikely that it will be worth even a dollar to many people.

Now, let’s all look forward to the many future Flappy Bird clones that will come to the eShop and groan together."

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