3DS Weekly Deals: 2DS $99.99, Metroid $3.49, Refubished Gold 3DS XL (Zelda Edition) $150 and more

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edgarohickman1518d ago

Any one played Paper Mario Sticker Star? I've heard mixed reviews about this game? Is it any good?

Apollo11518d ago

Not better than other Paper Marios, but still a good game though.

Tom871518d ago

Is Zelda Edition better than normal 3DS XL?

Apollo11518d ago

The system looks better for sure.

lebr0n1518d ago

Zelda bundle is being sold on Amazon for $250+ !

Toon_Link1518d ago

I bought this refurbished zelda edition and it arrived in mint condition. Not sure if I got lucky because the description says minor wear.

timothyckeegan1518d ago

Best Buy's LoZ is out of stock. They never have any pre-owned game in stock.

Apollo11518d ago

It was available few days ago, or maybe I was lucky to get a copy.

andrewsimons1518d ago

2DS have been for $99.99 for long time. I expect and price drop soon.

jacobvogel1518d ago

Super Mario 3D Land or New Super Mario Bros. 2?

TXIDarkAvenger1518d ago

Roughly get the same amount of play time for both of them and they are both superb games so you can't go wrong.

thund3rguy1518d ago

I would go for both games too

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