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OnlySP: The wait is finally over. Bungie’s highly anticipated game, Destiny, has been available for almost one full week. The game reportedly pulled in $500 million on it’s first day available, and I myself have spent countless hours playing the game since launch day. But does Destiny live up to the hype? Can Bungie deliver a great game that isn’t Halo? The short answer: yes. They absolutely can. Destiny is a fantastic experience that you won’t want to miss.

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NewMonday1545d ago

I'm addicted, can't stop playing both PvP and PvE, dedicate a day for each, the gun-play is the best yet in any FPS, and keep meting new friends.

PCBOX1545d ago

A big NOPE from me to this review!!

venom061545d ago

yeah.. this review is pretty much garbage... pretty much just trying to justify their purchase of the game..

PockyKing1545d ago

Hmm, I see you making statements but not backing it up with any reason why this review is "garbage" justifying a purchase.

slappy5081544d ago

"Justify your purchase of this game"? To whom? A firing squad? An angry board of directors? Lulz

TimeSkipLuffy1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

It's always on how you look at the game and what kind of gamer you are. If you like shooters with a deep story and RPG and/or MMO elements you would give the game a low score. If you just like to shoot enemies over and over with good game mechanics and don't care about repetitiveness, memorize-able characters or a fascinating story that keeps you involved in it's universe then you would give Destiny a higher score.

If you give Fallout 3 Bungies shooter mechanics, beautiful graphics and make it a hybrid game like Destiny. That would be the game I would buy instantly. It would have a great story, Characters I remember, great map and level design...

DefenderOfDoom21545d ago

The battle scenarios are fantastically fun !!!

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