5 Proven Methods To Get The Best Exotic and Legendary Gear In Destiny

You have just completed every mission in Destiny and are now on level 20, but don't celebrate too quickly as your adventure has really just begun. Using these five tested methods here is how you can get your hands on Destiny's most desired exotic and legendary gear.

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edwardhuff6631426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Great detailed article. Farming for exotic and legendary gears is my number one agenda this week. Been seeing a couple of players with some pretty sweet looking gear.
I have been using the vanguard marks method but some of these other ideas are a great way to mix it up.

GearSkiN1425d ago

It's really random unless you do nightfall higher chances of getting one, and raid deff will get legendary or exotic, I found A primary shotgun so now I can carry two shooty, got it from farming.

ScottyHoss1425d ago

Did I read that correctly? A primary shotgun?! :'D

JetsFool35001425d ago

Universal Remote! I want that shotty so much

Avernus1425d ago

The raid is not guaranteed a drop btw. There's a chance you'll get a drop, not "deff".

Dontworrybhappy1425d ago

My friend got that shotty. Been bragging all day... bastard

Kidmyst1425d ago

So many places I read on level 20 say the same "you just finished the last mission and are level 20". I must have done it wrong, I've been playing Crucible and am level 20 and just finished Venus. Oops :) I kid though, it really does unlock more fun after like even level 18. Hopefully I start getting some stuff with light in the armor.

kaizokuspy1419d ago

Every first instance, you get a guaranteed drop at each checkpoint and from loot chests. it may or may not be geAR, shards or weapons. But it is guarunteed

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Aceman181425d ago

I have exotic

Machine gun

Chest and Head Gear for titan in vault.


Hand gun
Sniper rifle
Pulse Rifle

Amphion1425d ago


And only 473 hours of gameplay to get all that stuff, right Aceman?

Aceman181425d ago


Oh hell nah with the new games coming soon I'll be cutting back some on destiny lol, but I'll keep it going until they do lol.



Rocket launcher
Hand canon
Auto Rifle

Rocket launcher
Pulse Rifle...


Maxor1425d ago

How many hours did you spend shooting mobs half of your level to get that gear?

Aceman181425d ago


well according to the destiny phone app i've spent a total of 72hrs and 32mins playing

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DivineCrusader1425d ago

I got the Crest of Alpha Lupi from an Exotic Engram! Now I just need a matching cloak...

Petervincent191425d ago

I literally just started farming today and sure enough. bam! Legendary vanguard machine gun. Farming is where its at!

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BlackWolf121425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

I have tried every single one of these so called "Proven methods" to get Legendary gear, and after 40 hours, I am still level 24 with not one single piece of Legendary gear. I have never even seen a Legendary engram before. I bet that when I finally DO get an engram, it will end up being an Uncommon or Rare item..... The loot system really needs to be worked on. I'm getting a shit tonne of green engrams, like why? I'm level 24, why would I ever use a green item?

Admittedly I COULD have grind-ed the shit out of Vanguard or Crucible rep to buy gear, but I enjoy doing many different things in Destiny, not one thing repeatedly, because that is how I will kill my Destiny bug.

GusBricker1425d ago

I'd suggest doing the vanguard stuff, you can at least get some armor on level 2.

ScottyHoss1425d ago

Try joining a faction, let's you achieve more with the variety you enjoy, and the armour abilities are more specific to certain play styles. I have the same problem as you, was at 24 for a week before finally getting rank two dead orbit today. We just have really bad luck, every one of my friends has found multiple legendary items within days of becoming level 20.

iceman061425d ago

It's just really bad luck. I am in the same boat that you are. However, playing in the Crucible last night, several of my teammates got more than one legendary in about 3 hours. Me...NOPE!!! I got a couple of blue engrams and some crappy head and chest armors.

mrmack001425d ago

Me too man.. Me too.. This random nonsense is so heartbreaking.. My friend gets exotics and legendary.. I'm stuck at 25 with two pieces. And im limited to 100 vanguard marks a week

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r3f1cul1425d ago ShowReplies(4)
ShadowRev1425d ago

There's an error in this article. Exotic Engrams guarantee a piece of exotic armor, just for a random class.

Conzul1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

To everyone who's bitching...

I felt your pain. But then I put about 30 hrs into the Crucible.
You will be bored and you will suck hard, but DO NOT GIVE UP.

30 hrs later, I have two Exotics from Xur; all Legendary armor; and the Venation III hand cannon. Went back to Coop Strikes where the fun is.

metalmatters1425d ago

so your suggestion is to grind at Crucible for hours on with hopes you randomly earn a legendary piece? would you at least recommend playing all forms of crucible or just control?

Conzul1425d ago

6v6 Clash is better IMO.
And even IF you never once get a Legendary drop, you'll still be Crucible Rank 2 easily.

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