IGN's Top 10 Microsoft E3 Reveals (wish list)

Microsoft is scheduled to kick off this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo with a press conference on Monday, July 14. Needless to say, expectations are high. The company needs to come out with guns blazing to set the tone for the rest of the week. After last year's showing, IGN thought MS might like a little help planning this one out. If you recall, the last time MS took gaming's biggest stage it started out strong with a live performance of the Halo theme song and some Rock Band.

Then it took a turn for the worse with "big" announcements of Scene It! and Viva Piñata: Party Animals and an appearance by our dawg, Jeff Bell. Family fun is all well and good, but this is E3. IGN want excitement and instant gratification. They want these 10 games to be featured prominently. So if you're reading MS, this one's for you.

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kazuma3828d ago

and people are still talking about mgs4 on 360? man that's some persistent rumor

pwnsause3828d ago

seriously has anyone played act 3? tell me weather or not its possible to play that act on any other platform, then come back to me.

pwnsause3828d ago

yes. i dont even think that act 3 is even possible on the 360, i havent seen a game that could do that on the 360. if you played it, you would understand by what i mean. and if there comes a time if it does get released on the 360 and see that act being played on the 360, i stop criticizing the console.

Bonsai12143828d ago

actually, if i guessed any act, act 3 would be the one that could be done on the 360. the first half is rather simple, and the second half is pretty much scripted. i wouldn't think act 1 or 4 could be done because there's so much peripheral action going on.

and yeah, i clicked on this story because i saw mgs4 and microsoft in the same title... hah

Madgunner3828d ago

dude... when u said that i had no idea what you were talking about, but all of a sudden it just hit me.. and yes that whole part especially the last bits of it. was absouletly amazing!

jdoggystyyle3828d ago

on 360 it would take a few disks to do.....i think...even tho i installed a toooon on my ps3 for mgs4...well ya after every act had 4 min install then even after i beat it moved on to a higher level of play and still had to install...and i have 33 gig left on my 60 gig drive and i have 3 arcade type games and tekken 5.....thats alot of install data on my ps3 for a game that still has a TON of load time.....should we be askin if 360 could handle a mgs4...OR can a ps3 handle gears of war 2 with the unreal 3.5 engine...hmmm

mgs4 looks good but...i noticed how plain the textures are...the walls are bland with no detail at all...the people look GREAT but textures are very avg if no below avg compared to unreal engine which ps3 pretty far....spits n sputters with......i own both systems....and..if ne thing i have seen games run smoother on 360...and with no installs (see dmc4) so promised me this super system..and it has ONE great game on it...with others bein ...well...nothing but a let down... ( see haze/lair/heavenly sword 4 hours of game play) MGs4 is a fantastic game...but ONE game on a 600 dollar system...still....doesnt cut it...esp with so many great titles on 360...and with too human..and gears upcoming......resistance 2.....for sony...uhh....i wont touch that...i was a sucker and bought resistance 1....and it blows....killzone could be good....still to early to tell....not even sure why sony fangirls come on here to argue..... u cant afford 2 systems .u chose a ps3..and are pissed cuz xbox has great titles and ps3 has one? idk confused with all the fanboism here on this site...until ps3 gives me ALOT more then just a 30 hour mgs4 game....its still a huge let down in my and everyone i know in person that has a ps3 says same thing...and actually on my advice went out n got themselves a 360....and ya...are more then pleased....well heres my ps3 and my 360 elite on my 62 inch u broke a$$ one console sony owner cry baby fanboys can lick on this

mikeslemonade3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

If MGS4 comes to the 360 and that's a big if because of there were 5 points in the game where the PlayStation was being talked about in the game and the product placements of PlayStation prouducts in the cutscenes and in gameplay sequences. And some gameplay moments where you use the sixaxis. It would take more than a year to make a port and i'm not speaking of the techinical issues that would be difficult.

Let's say all those things were done and MGS4 comes out in 1.5 years the game won't sell 360s anyway. Nothing to worry about here. All the benefits go to the PS3.

Also I hate to bring technical issues but the 360 hasn't shown a good running and good looking game other than a Unreal 3 engine game or the engine created by the very talented Infinity Ward. MGS4 is made specifically for the PS3. In fact Kojima said the PS3 was not enough for what he wanted to do so obviously the game is very CPU heavy. The installs are a big problem since Microsoft enforces restrictions so you can't do that on 360. Look at GTA4 where a game made for 360 and PS3, and the 360 has already a few more issues than the PS3 like pop-up and i'm sure the engine was optimized for the 360 already. The engine for MGS4 sure as hell isn't ready at all for the 360.

BulletToothtony3828d ago

a few pointers without that hate that you put into your post above..

First your arrogance is quite sad... that DLP that you're bragging about is garbage.. get yourself a good 1080P LCD and get rid of that 4 year old fossil you have.

Second some developers choose to work in different aspects of games.. some in textures, some in characters, some in both.

Third the unreal engine is based on a pc base, and even thou it might be easier to work on the 360 i guess you never played Unreal Tournament 3 did you , which looked better than GeOW, no offense to gears.. it looks great but ut3 surpassed it.

Fourth, just cause you bashed every good game that is out in the ps3 doesn't make it true.. I loved and still love strongly Resistance FoM great story and the multiplayer even thou not great it was pretty good for a launch game, played it for a few months.

Other awesome games, Uncharted, Ratchet, Heavenly sword, (is not 4 hours long, that's just fanboy talk) Warhawk, cod4, gt5p. and a few more psn games.

And your "lick on this" comment just goes to show how incredibly immature you are, most likely you're around 14 y/o and need get a hold of your self before you come out here and write so much stupidities all at once..

3828d ago
BulletToothtony3828d ago

My trailor? oh you mean my trailer....

English is my second language and I still speak it better than you. Like i said, not the sharpest too huh?

Apparently you have an issue with money.. Stop trying to insult people about their money status just because your whole bashing got torn to pieces.

You know you belong in the open (not too much common sense) zone.

And judging by your pic you own Ridge Racer, Motorstorm and RFoM, wow no wonder you're mad.

Next time ask your parents for better games.

mikeslemonade3828d ago

JDogg, your wrong about how 360 games run smoother in general compared to PS3. If you look at 1st party games on PS3 none of them have frame-rate issues I challange you to name one game that drops to around 15-20 frames. On 360 I can name two off the top of my head and that's Ninja Gaiden 2 and Gears 1. In Gears they drop to 20-25 frames and Ninja Gaiden 2 some parts are slideshows. The multiplatform games do run better on 360 but that's not going to be an issues 1 year down the road when more and more developers move on to PS3 to develop their games first.

Lifendz3828d ago

you guys are like the kid that can't get over Burger King not having a Big Mac. You gotta go somewhere else to get that! Just like you gotta get a PS3 to play MGS4. It's not coming to 360. I'm sorry, it sucks but it's not coming. Well, it sucks for you cuz you can't get over it not coming. It's not coming. Why do you guys want PS3 games? I thought 360 games were where its at? I thought Halo 3 and Bio...oh wait...well...Halo 3 and Gears were enough?

GiantEnemyCrab3828d ago

Give the dev's 4 years to work on the game with Kojima productions budget then yes I think it can be done on the 360.

I think dev time and budget can play a bigger hinderance to a game than the hardware.

kwicksandz3828d ago

You need to check out lair Mike

Thats a first party slideshow.

sticky doja3828d ago

"If you look at 1st party games on PS3 none of them have frame-rate issues I challange you to name one game that drops to around 15-20 frames. On 360 I can name two off the top of my head and that's Ninja Gaiden 2 and Gears 1."

Those 2 games are 3rd party developers bro.

TheTwelve3828d ago

Guys...another reason why MGS4 isn't coming to Xbox...Macintosh is all in that game! Otacon uses a Mac, and Snake carries an Ipod! Forget about it!


mikeslemonade3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Ninja Gaiden 2 is 2nd party since Microsoft owns the name that is why it had to be NInja Gaiden "Sigma" on PS3, so Microsoft had there hand in the Ninja Gaiden 2 development and yet the game still turned into a slideshow. Just like Uncharted is 2nd party but still considered 1st party because Sony had there hand inside the development. Gears is 1st party it's published by Microsoft Gaming Studios.

Okay Lair I give you that but the developer purposely made the game on 1080p and didn't know what he was really doing because it sacrificed the frame rate. I give you that but just look at all the diverse PS3 games made on different types of engines. 360 has 3 good looking games Gears 1 made on Unreal 3 engine game, Bioshock another Unreal Engine 3 game, and COD4 is the exception. I'm just saying it's not realistic to think that engine running MGS4 is going to run well on 360 if at all.

Dark General3828d ago

Uncharted was actually made by a first party studio since Sony owns Naughty Dog they had acquired them back in 2001. Insomniac is the 2nd party dev's, it's kind of hard to remember they are actually aren't owned by Sony.

kazuma3828d ago

imo sony should buy insomniac

* Resistance 2 — PS3 (2008, in development)
* Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction — PS3 (2007)
* Resistance: Fall of Man — PS3 (2006)
* Ratchet: Deadlocked — PS2 (2005)
* Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal — PS2 (2004)
* Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando — PS2 (2003)
* Ratchet & Clank — PS2 (2002)
* Spyro: Year of the Dragon — PS1 (2000)
* Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! — PS1 (1999)
* Spyro the Dragon — PS1 (1998)
* Disruptor — PS1 (1996)

apart from spyro, those are some great games

Rockstar3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

-Deleted by God-

Timesplitter143828d ago

It's absolutely 100% impossible to see MGS4 on the X360 for these reasons :

******* SPOILERS *******

- Psycho mantis Talks about the PS1's memory Card ans says PS3's rumble is back

- Otacon mentions the disc swap, and remembers the game is now on Blu-Ray disc. (and praises it.)

- During the installs, it says that the game is available exclusively on PS3.

- Snake holds a SIXAXIS when controlling the Mk. II

- There's a PS3 in the plane


LastDance3828d ago


Also dude....Sunny plays with a PSP on the nomad ;)

Obama3828d ago

lol jdoggystyyle is bladestar. Man, you would think he is smart enough to change his writing sytle. Since bladestar doesn't have a ps3, jdoggystyyle has lied about having a ps3.

plenty a tool3828d ago

im gonna repeat what someone else has said.

giv a dev team 4 years, and the men and the money which kojima has had, and i think that a game could easily be made the same as mgs to work on the 360!

where is all this thinking that the ps3 is a leap ahead of the 360??? the specs were finailised at the same time as the 360s, the delay was for blu-ray, nothing else changed. killzone, gt and mgs(all games that have been in developement since 05), run on superior game engines, not superior hardware!

i have to ask when the fanboys will see the difference??

lokin3828d ago

you guys are still ignorant and fan boyish. As i am trying to show all when I post that there isnt a HUGE gap between the PS3 and the 360. FULL STOP. The only big advantage that the ps3 has is Blue Ray and even that isnt that a big advantage as pll on here thinks, because for 360 users it will be an annouence to change the disks. BD DOESNT help you to have bigger and better textures in-game because those bigger and badder textures must still be loaded in RAM and both systems HAVE GOT THE SAME AMOUNT. Every system will have something it does better than the other. It is just getting annoying to hear that some fanboys on here thinks that some things isnt possible on the 360... well maybe one.... playing blue ray disks!

and now... the let the disagreeing begin( freedom of speech is a myth... at least on this site)

Shadow Flare3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

lol i was gonna say a similar thing to what TimeSplitter14 and Last Dance said. I mean really, MS get the hint. Not only that, but you 360 people, if ever you got MGS4 on the 360, will you even have a clue what the story is about? Cos im sure theres alot of you guys who haven't played the previous Metal Gears. If you played MGS4, you wouldn't appreciate (or understand) the game half as much as playstation fans who've played every game. Half of what makes the game so great are actually the cut-scenes and story. So if you don't understand it, then alot of whats great about the game is wasted. This stuff about mgs4 on 360 though is beyond ridiculous now. I haven't seen a starving dog beg this much

TheExecutive3828d ago

there is a certain cutscene in act 3 that I have my doubts whether or not could actually be done on the 360. Mostly because I havent seen a game do that on the system and its going into its third year of existence.

kindi_boy3828d ago

kindi boy was here......

plenty a tool3828d ago

everyone should have taken a second to see who the contributor is, then they mite have realised that this is just another hit generator for the guy that is desperately trying to be the top scoring saddo, on a web-site that equally brimming with saddos.

the same guy in the last few weeks that has posted the most provocative flame-bait just so his stories would get hits so his "score" would go dont worry bloodmask, soon you will the "super-contributor" and have more score that TNS...laughable, and just a little sad imo.

everyone knows the mgs is not coming to the 360, just putting that picture with the story was enough to get another 1000 n4g points

man thats a big WOW

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Surfman3828d ago

I'll destroy my PS3 if MGS4 comes out on the 360. But no needs to fury PS3.. it won't happens lol. It just can't, wake up x360 fans.

PoSTedUP3828d ago

i was thinking it might on the count of something i seen that was fishy/weird/strange. but i doubt it. when is E3 again?

juuken3828d ago

It'll come to the 360...
in 2030!

I seriously don't get why they think it'll come to the 360. Kojima couldn't even fit everything on a 50gb harddrive so I don't see how he'll fit this game on the 360.

Kleptic3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

'Damn it, Otacon!...get a grip!'...

if it would come to the 360, I wonder if it would leave the hilarious codec in Act would be in there I guess, but it wouldn't be a joke...

not to mention, would they leave the sixaxis/DS3 in Snake's hands to control the MK II/III?...I know all that stuff isn't really hard to change...but some of those little Kojima moments were completely makes it very obvious which console Kojima thinks as the best...

also...Konami would definitely drop MGO for it...XBL wouldn't allow them to use their own Konami ID stuff (which in reality isn't as bad as it sounds, it still ties into the xmb friend's list) who would be good for 360 owners though, its pretty much better than any game ever made overall...

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name3828d ago

Do you like MGS4 or not? Is it "nothing, but cutscenes" or is it a game you want to play? You can't play both sides of the fence. If you want to play MGS4. Buy a PS3. Do you want to play games you like or do you want to continue to be cheerleader?

RememberThe3573828d ago

I honestly don't know what your trying to say right there. Are you trying to be rhetorical? Are you saying that MGS4 has too many cut scenes? So many people are agreeing with you but I don't know what they're agreeing to! Help me!

ThanatosDMC3828d ago

I'm on the same boat. Confused.

Mc Fadge3828d ago

Mocking the 360 fanboys who stated that the game was nothing but cutscenes, and who are now rejoicing at the idea of it coming to the 360.

Hope that helps :3

Grown Folks Talk3827d ago

every 360 owner doesn't like the same things. So because 1 says it has too many cutscenes, that doesn't mean they all feel that way. Because 1 says they'd love to have it on the 360 doesn't mean they all do. The end result is his comment is pointless. I love how people lump everybody into 1 group. Every PS3 owner thinks "a", every 360 owner thinks "b". I don't know about you, but I think for myself.

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Whoooop3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

I guess dreaming brings joy.... I'm all for joy..


When I saw the thread picture I thought: Ahhh sh*t... Another perfect score...

BIoodmask3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

read articles anymore or just look at the cover picture? I think Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Star Ocean 4, and the new Peter Jackson project would be awesome E3 revails.

There is a lot more to the article than MGS4.

DJtyler3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Most of this "dream list" is comprised of titles that have already been announced (like Star Ocean and Alan Wake) and titles we all know are coming (like sequels to bioshock and mass effect) I would like to see some real surprises! How about bringing back some sega classics from the original xbox such as shenmue, panzer dragoon or jet set radio? Does anyone remember the Original Xbox games BC and True Fantasy Live Online? They were cancelled. Bringing those back would make for a spectacular E3.

RiseOfMonster3828d ago

Maybe the visual aid you provided could have reflected that better. Which begs me to ask: Why did you choose that picture if you feel the way you do in your comment??

BIoodmask3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

so people will actually read the article also so it will get to the front page. But the comments just prove that a lot of people don't read the article.

Can't I use the picture I want? Metal Gear Solid 4 is mentioned in article. It is just a wish list from IGN. That's how it works, if "you" post the article "you" get to choose the pic. Make sense?

solidjun53828d ago

cause you're a raving 360 fanboy!

pharmd3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

definitely some bioshock 2 news i hope....

and yeah, any fable 2 news is good news :)

if i were them i'd be bragging about the RPG lineup they are surprisingly getting.... kinda like flaunt it if you got it

RiseOfMonster3828d ago

Just don't complain when it effects the overall tone of the comments.

ICUP3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

The reason why u post that pic is because you and i know most N4G posters don't read the story, especially with troller/flamebaiter/fanboys when they see MGS4 pics and xbox 360 together they put on their gears and shoot first and read later, making your story heat up, more N4G points for you, at the end month $500 bucks. make sense?

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